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p. 356


1Indra with all thy saving helps give us assistance, Lord of Power
  For after thee we follow even as glorious bliss, thee, Hero,
   finder-out of wealth.
2Increaser of our steeds and multiplying kine, a golden well, O
  God, art thou;
  For no one may impair the gifts laid up in thee, Bring me what-
   ever thing I ask.
3Indra for worship of the Gods, Indra while sacrifice proceeds,
  Indra as warriors in the battle-shock we call, Indra that we may
   win the spoil.
4With might hath Indra spread out heaven and earth, with power
   hath Indra lighted up the Sun.
  In Indra are all creatures closely held; in him meet the distilling
  Soma drops.

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