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1Impetuous, true, let Maghavan come hither, and let his tawny
   coursers speed to reach us.
  For him have we pressed juice exceeding potent: here, praised
   with song, let him effect his visit.
2Unyoke, as at thy journey's end, O Hero, to gladden thee to-day
   at this libation.
  Like Usanā, the priest a laud shall utter, a hymn to thee, the
  Lord Divine, who markest. p. 328
3When the Bull quaffing praises our libation, as a sage paying
   holy rites in secret,
  Seven singers here from heaven hath he begotten, who e'en by
   day have wrought their works while singing.
4When heaven's fair light by hymns was made apparent. (they
   made great splendour shine at break of morning),
  He with his succour, best of heroes, scattered the blinding dark-
   ness so that men saw clearly.
5Indra, impetuous One, hath waxed immensely: he with his
   vastness hath filled earth and heaven.
  E'en beyond this his majesty extendeth who hath exceeded all
   the worlds in greatness,
6Sakra who knoweth well all human actions hath with his eager
   friends let loose the waters.
  They with their songs cleft e'en the mountain open, and willingly
   disclosed the stall of cattle.
7He smote away the flood's obstructer Vritra: Earth conscious
   lent her aid to speed thy thunder.
  Thou sentest forth the waters of the ocean as Lord through
   power and might, O daring Hero.
8When, Much-invoked! the waters' rock thou deftest, Saramā
   showed herself and went before thee.
  Hymned by Angirases, bursting the cowstalls, thou foundest
   ample strength for us as leader.

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