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1Couples desirous of thine aid are storming thee, pouring their
   presents forth to win a stall of king pouring gifts, Indra,
   seeking thee.
  When two men seeking spoil or heaven thou bringest face to
   face in war,
  Thou showest, Indra, then the bolt, thy constant friend, the bull
   that ever waits on thee.
2This thine heroic power full well the people knew, wherewith
   thou brakest down, Indra, autumnal forts, brakest them down
   with conquering might. p. 326
  Thou hast chastised. O Indra, Lord of strength, the man who
   worships not,
  And made thine own this great earth and these water-floods,
   with joyous heart these water-floods.
3And they have bruited far this hero might, when thou, O Strong
  One, in thy joy helpest thy suppliants who sought to win thee
   for their Friend.
  Their battle-cry thou madest sound victorious in the shocks of
  One stream after another have they gained from thee, eager for
   glory have they gained.

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