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1We sing this strong and wild delight of thine which conquers in
   the fray,
  Which, Caster of the Stone, gives room and shine like gold.
2Wherewith thou also foundest lights for Āyu and for Manu's
  Now joying in!!this sacred grass thou beamest forth.
3This day to singers of the hymn praise, as of old, this, might of
  Win thou the waters, day by day, thralls of the strong.
4Sing forth to him whom many men invoke, to him whom many
  Invite the potent Indra with your songs of praise;
5Whose lofty might—for doubly strong is he—supports the
   heaven and earth.
  And hills and plains and floods and light with manly power.
6Such, praised by many! thou art King: alone thou smitest foe-
   men dead,
  To gain, O Indra, spoils of war and high renown.

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