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1Turning, as 'twere, to meet the Sun, enjoy from Indra all good
  When he who will be born is born with power we look to
   treasures as our heritage.
2Praise him who sends us wealth, whose bounties injure none.
  Good are the gifts which Indra gives.
  He is not wroth with one who satisfies his wish: he turns his
   mind to granting boons. p. 312
3Verily, Sūrya, thou art great; truly, Āditya, thou art great.
  As thou art great indeed thy greatness is admired: yea, verily,
   great art thou, O God.
4Yea, Sūrya, thou art great in fame: thou evermore, O God,
   art great.
  By greatness thou art President of Gods, divine, far-spread,
   inviolable light.

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