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1Invoked to drink the Soma juice come with thy bay steeds,
  Come, Indra, hitherward, to me.
2Our priest is seated true to time; the grass is regularly strewn;
  The pressing-stones were set at morn.
3These prayers, O thou who bearest prayer, are offered. Seat
   thee on the grass.
  Hero, enjoy the offered cake.
4O Vritra-slayer, be thou pleased with these libations, with these
  Song-loving Indra, with our lauds.
5Our hymns caress the Lord of Strength, vast, drinker of the
  Soma's juice, p. 283
  Indra, as mother-cows their calf.
6Delight thee with the juice we pour for thine own great
  Yield not thy singer to reproach.
7We, Indra, dearly loving thee, bearing oblation, sing thee
  Thou, Vasu, nearly lovest us.
8O thou to whom thy Bays are dear, loose not thy horses far
   from us:
  Here glad thee, Indra, Lord Divine.
9May long-maned courses, dropping oil, bring thee on swift car
  Indra, to seat thee on the grass.

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