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1As cows low to their calves in stalls, so with our songs we
  This Indra, even your wondrous God who checks attack, who
   joys in the delicious juice.
2Celestial, bounteous Giver, girt about with might, rich, moun-
   tain-like, in precious things
  Him swift we seek for foodful booty rich in kine, brought
   hundredfold and thousandfold.
3I crave of thee that hero strength, that thou mayst first regard
   this prayer,
  Wherewith thou helpest Bhrigu and the Yatis and Praskanva
   when the prize was staked.
4Wherewith thou sentest mighty waters to the sea, that, Indra, is.
   thy hero strength.
  For ever unattainable is this power of him to whom the worlds.
   have called aloud.

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