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1Thee, Indra, we invoke, the Bull, what time the Soma is ex-
  So drink thou of the savoury juice. p. 268
2Indra, whom many laud, accept the strength-confering Soma
  Quaff, pour down drink that satisfies.
3Indra, with all the Gods promote our wealth-bestowing sacrifice,
  Thou highly-lauded Lord of men.
4Lord of the brave, to thee proceed these drops of Soma juice
  The bright drops to thy dwelling-place.
5Within thy belly, Indra take Soma the juice most excellent:
  The heavenly drops belong to thee.
6Drink our libation, Lord of hymns: with streams of meath thou
   art bedewed:
  Our glory, Indra, is thy gift.
7To Indra go the treasures of the worshipper which never fail:
  He drinks the Soma and is strong.
8From far away, from near at hand, O Vritra-slayer, come to us:
  Accept the songs we sing to thee.

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