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p. 259


A prayer for prosperity, accompanying a sacrifice

1Still equal be the flow of butter ever causing the Year to prosper
   with oblation.
  Still be our hearing, sight, and breath uninjured: let us lose
   nothing of our life and vigour.
2Let lively breath invite us: we call vital breath to visit us.
  Earth and air's middle realm have gathered, Soma, Brihaspati
   and Dhartar gathered vigour.
3The earth and heaven have come to be two gatherers up of vigo-
   rous might.
  So let us gather vigour up and closely follow after Earth.
  With glory come the cows and stand beside the master of the
   herd. Let us when we have gathered fame and glory closely
   follow Earth.
4Prepare the cow-stall, for there drink your heroes: stitch ye the
   coats of armour wide and many.
  Make iron forts defying all assailants: let not your pitcher leak;
   stay it securely.
5The eye of sacrifice, source and beginning with voice, car, spirit
   unto him I offer.
  To this our sacrifice, wrought by Visvakarman, may the Gods
   come gracious and kindly-hearted.
6Let the Gods' Priests and those who merit worship, to whom
   oblation as their share is offered,
  Come to this holy service with their Consorts, and all Gods
   revel in the food we bring them.

p. 260

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