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A hymn to Sleep

1Thou art come hither from the world of Yama: thou, resolute,
   affectest men with rapture.
  Thou, Sleep, created in the Asura's dwelling, goest, well-know-
   ing, with the solitary.
2At first the all-containing, depth beheld thee, ere Night was
   born, when only Day existed.
  Thence hast thou come, thence, Sleep, hast thou come hither,
   concealing, deep within, all form and figure.
3Come from the Asuras in lofty, glory, he hath approached the
  Gods in search of greatness.
  Winners of heavenly light, the Three-and-Thirty endowed this
  Sleep with his supreme dominion.
4Of him nor Fathers nor the Gods have knowledge, the Gods
   whose gentle talk is still about him.
  Urged by command of Varuna the Ādityas, Heroes, transported
  Sleep to Trita Āptya.
5Thou whose severity hath reached ill-doers, and whose reward
   the good have gained in slumber,
  Delightest heaven with thy most lofty kinship, born from his
   spirit who was worn and weary.
6Of old we know all places whence thou comest. O Sleep, we
   know him who is here thy ruler.
  Protect us here illustrious with glory. Go, from afar, with
   poisons, into distance.

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