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A hymn to Night for protection and prosperity

1Blind him and make him headless, Night! the serpent with the
   pungent breath.
  Strike from his head the wolf's two eyes, and dash the thief
   against a post.
2Those oxen that are thine, O Night, with sharpened horns and
   rapid pace,
  With those transport us safe to-day o'er difficulties everywhere.
3Uninjured in our bodies may we pass through each succeeding
  And let malignities fail to pass, as men without a boat the depth.
4As millet hurried through the air before us is beheld no more.
  So cause the man to vanish, Night, who plans to do us injury.
5The thief hast thou kept far away, the robber driver of our kine.
  Even him who having covered up the horse's head would lead
   him off.
6If dealing treasure thou hast come to-day, O highly favoured
  Cause thou us to enjoy it all so that this may not pass away. p. 253
7Do thou entrust us to the Dawn, all of us free from sin, O
  May Dawn deliver us to Day, and Day to thee, O glorious One.

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