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p. 244


A prayer for pardon of error in sacrifice, and for wisdom, strength, and life

1For each defect of mine in voice and spirit I have approached
  One vehement and ardent.
  With all the Deities, fully approving, Brihaspati supply the
2Disturb ye not our intellect, O Waters, nor the power of prayer_
  Glide on your way, strength-giving, invocated: may I be vigor-
   ous and wise.
3Mar not our consecrating rite, our intellect, or fervent zeal.
  Gracious to us for lengthened life, propitious let the Mothers
4Vouchsafe to us, ye Asvins twain, such strength as, with atten-
   dant light,
  May through the darkness carry us.

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