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A prayer for protection from death and misfortune

1May Soma, Varuna the King, both Asvins, Yama and Pūshan
   guard us well from Mrityu—
  Death caused by men, which Indra-Agni, Dhātar, Brihaspati and
  Savitar appointed.
2All that the World's Lord made, all that for creatures Prajāpati
   and Mātarisvan fashioned,
  All things within the quarters and their spaces, let all these be
   my manifold defences.
3That which the Gods bound on them when they battled for their
   royal sway.
  What Indra made his shield, may that protect us well on every
4My shield is Heaven and Earth, my shield is the bright Day, my
   shield the Sun.
  The Visva Devas made my shield. Let not misfortune fall on

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