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p. 201


A funeral hymn, composed partly of verses from the Rigveda

1Rise to your mother, flames of Jātavedas! I send you up by
   paths which Fathers traverse.
  With headlong speed the Oblation bearer bore our gifts: toil ye,
   and place the offerer where the righteous dwell.
2The Seasons, Deities, form and order Worship, butter, cake,
   ladles, sacrificial weapons.
  Tread thou God-travelled paths whereby the righteous, payers
   of sacrifices, go to Svarga.
3Carefully look on Sacrifice's pathway whereon the Angirases,
   the righteous, travel.
  By those same pathways go thou up to Svarga where the
  Ādityas take their fill of sweetness, There make thy home in
   the third vault of heaven,
4Three eagles in the region's roar are standing high on heaven's
   ridge in their appointed station.
  The worlds of Svarga shall, filled full of Amrit, yield food and
   power to him who sacrificeth. p. 202
5Upabhrit stablished air, Juhū the heaven, Dhruva supported
   earth securely founded.
  As meed, the Svarga worlds, o'erspread with fatness shall yield
   the sacrificer all his wishes.
6Dhruvā, ascend thou earth the all sustainer: go thou, O Upa-
   bhrit, to air's mid-region.
  Juhu, go skyward with the sacrificer; go, and with Sruva be thy
   calf beside thee drain all the swelling unreluctant quarters.
7They ford the mighty rivers by the pathway which they who
   sacrifice, the righteous, travel.
  There they gave room unto the sacrificer when they made regions
   and existing creatures.
8The Angirases' pathway is the eastern Agni, the Ādityas' path-
   way is the Gārhapatya:
  The southward Agni is the way of Southerns.
  To Agni's greatness whom the prayer divideth go powerful, un-
   scathed with all thy members.
9Eastward let east fire happily consume thee, and westward
   happily the Gārhapatya.
  Burn southern fire, thine armour and protection: from air's-
   mid-region from the north and centre, on all sides, Agni,
   guard thou him from horror.
10Do ye, with your most kindly forms, O Agni, waft, turned to
   rapid steeds whose ribs bear burthens,
  The sacrificer to the world of Svarga where with the Gods they
   banquet and are joyful.
11Happily from the rear burn this man, Agni, happily from before,
   above, and under.
  One, triply parted, Jātavedas, place him happily in the world
   that holds the righteous.
12Happily lit, let fires, each Jātavedas, seize on Prajāpati's appoint-
   ed victim.
  Let them not cast it down while here they cook it.
13Sacrifice, duly offered, comes preparing the sacrificer for the.
   world of Svarga,
  Let all the fires, each Jatavedas, welcome Prajāpati's completely
   offered victim.
  Let them not cast it down while here they cook it.
14Fain to fly up from the sky's ridge to heaven, the worshipper
   hath mounted visible Agni. p. 203
  Lucid from out the mist to him, the pious, gleams the God-
   travelled path that leads to Svarga.
15On thy right hand let Indra be thy Brāhman, Brihaspati Adh-
   varyu Agni Hotar.
  This ordered sacrifice goes offered thither whither presented
   gifts have gone aforetime.
16Enriched with cake and milk here let the Charu rest.
  World-makers, makers of the path we worship you of the Gods
   who here partake oblations.
17Enriched with cake and curds, etc. (as in stanza 16).
18Enriched with cake and drops, etc.
19Enriched with cake and butter, etc.
20Enriched with cake and flesh, etc.
21Enriched with cake and food, etc.
22Enriched with cake and mead, etc.
23Enriched with cake and juice, etc.
24Here, mixt with cake and water rest the Charu!
  World-makers, makers of the path, we worship those Gods of
   you who here partake oblations.
25Let these which Gods have held for thee, these beakers covered
   o'er with cake,
  Be full of sacred food for thee, distilling fatness, rich in mead.
26Grains which for thee I scatter, mixt with Sesamum, as holy
  May they for thee be excellent and potent. King Yama look on,
   them as thine with favour!
27More immortality!
28On all the earth, to heaven, the drop descended, on this place
   and on that which was before it.
  I offer up, throughout the seven oblations, the drop which still
   to one same place is moving.
29Those who observe men look on wealth as Vāyu with countless.
   streams, and as light-finding Arka;
  Those drain out Guerdon sprung from seven mothers, who satis-
   fy and evermore give presents.
30They for their weal drain out the cask, the beaker four-holed,.
   the milch-cow Idā full of sweetness,
  Injure not, Agni, in the loftiest heaven Aditi heightening strength
   among the people.
31On thee doth Savitar the God bestow this vesture for thy wear. p. 204
  Clothe thee herein, and find meet robe in Yama's realm to cover
32The grains of corn have now become a cow, the Sesamum her
  He in the realm of Yama lives on her the inexhaustible.
33Let these become thy milch-kine, man! supplying all thy heart's
  There, speckled, white, like-hued and various-coloured, with
   calves of Sesamum let them stand beside thee.
34Let the green grains become thy white, and speckled, The dusky
   corns become thy ruddy milch-kine.
  Let those with calves of Sesamum for ever yield strength to him
   and never flinch from milking.
35I offer in Vaisvānara this oblation, thousandfold spring that
   pours a hundred steamlets.
  This with a swelling flow supports the Father, supports grand-
   fathers and their sires before them.
36Beside the spring with hundred, thousand currents, expanding
   on the summit of the water,
  Exhaustless, yielding strength, never reluctant, the Fathers with
   their sacred food are seated.
37This pile of wood, collected, heaped together, regard it, O ye,
   kinsmen, and come near it.
  To immortality this mortal goeth: prepare a home for him, all
   ye his kindred.
38Be here, even here, acquiring wealth, here be thou thoughts here
   be thou strength.
  Be stronger here in manly power, life-giver, never beaten back.
39Giving the son and grandson satisfaction, let these the present
  Waters full of sweetness,
  Pouring forth food and Amrit for the Fathers, refresh both these
   and those, the Goddess Waters.
4040. Waters, send Agni forward to the Fathers: let them accept the
   sacrifice I offer.
  May they who follow Vigour that abideth there send us down
   wealth with full store of heroes.
41Lover of butter, deathless, him, Oblation-bearer, they inflame.
  He knoweth well the treasured stores gone to the Fathers, far
   away. p. 205
42The mingled draught, the mess of rice, the flesh which I present
   to thee,
  May these be full of food for thee, distilling fatness, rich in
43Grains which for thee I scatter, mixt with Sesamum as sacred
  May these for thee be excellent and potent. King Yama look on,
   them, as thine, with favour.
44This is the ancient, this the recent pathway, by which thy sires
   of olden time departed.
  They who first travelled it, and they who followed, convey thee
   to the world where dwell the righteous.
45The pious call Sarasvati: they worship Sarasvati while sacrifice
  The righteous doers of good deeds invoke her: Sarasvati send
   bliss to him who giveth!
46Approaching on the south our solemn worship, the Fathers call-
  Sarasvati to hear them.
  Sit on this holy grass and be ye joyful: give thou us strengthen-
   ing food that brings no sickness.
47Sarasvati, who tamest with them, joying in hymns and food, O
  Goddess, with the Fathers,
  Here give the Sacrificer growth of riches, a portion, worth a
   thousand, of refreshment.
48As Prithivī rests on earth, so do I seat thee. May the God Dhātar
   lengthen our existence.
  For you may he who parts in turn find treasures, but let the
  Dead among the Fathers.
49Depart ye two: wipe ye away whatever omens of evil fortune
   here have told you.
  Go from this man, both Steers, to him who wills it: ye are my
   joys here by the giver's Fathers.
50From a good quarter have we gained this guerdon, gift of this
   man, strength giving, plenteous milker.
  Bringing in youth old age unto the living, may she bear these
   together to the Fathers.
51I bring this clipped grass hither for the Fathers: grass living,.
   higher, for the Gods I scatter.
  Mount this, O man, as victim: let the Fathers recognize thee:
   when thou hast travelled yonder. p. 206
52Set on this grass thou hast become a victim. Fathers shall know
   thee yonder when they meet thee.
  Gather thy body, limb by limb, together: I by the power of
   prayer arrange thy members.
53The royal Parna is the caldrons' cover: strength have we gained,
   force, power, and might, and vigour.
  Bestowing length of life upon the living, for long existence
   through a hundred autumns.
54The share of vigour which gave this man being, the stone won
   lordship over foods that nourish.
  Hymn this with your oblations, Visvāmitras: may he, may Yama,
   lengthen our existence.
55As the Five Races of mankind for Yama set apart a house.
  Even so I set a house apart that greater numbers may be mine.
56Take thou and wear this piece of gold, the gold thy father used
   to wear.
  Wipe tenderly the right hand of thy sire who goes away to
57To all, the living and the dead, all that are born, the worshipful.
  Let the full brook of fatness run, o'erflowing, with stream of
58Far-seeing he flows on, the Bull, the Lord of hymns, promoter
   of the Sun, of Days, of Dawns, of Heaven.
  Breath of the rivers he hath roared into the jars, and through
   his wisdom entered into Indra's heart.
59Let thy bright smoke envelop thee, spread forth, O Bright One,
   in the sky.
  For, Purifier, like the Sun thou shinest with thy radiant glow.
60Indu is moving forth to Indra's destined place, and slights not
   as a friend the promise of his friend.
  Thou, Soma, comest nigh as bridegroom meets the bride, reach-
   ing the beaker by a course of hundred paths.
61Well have they eaten and rejoiced: their dear ones have they
   shaken off.
  Sages, self-luminous, have praised: we who are youngest
62Come hither, Fathers, who deserve the Soma, by the deep path-
   ways which the Fathers travel.
  Bestow upon us life and store of children, and favour us with
   increase of our riches. p. 207
63Depart, O Fathers, ye who merit Soma, by the deep pathways
   which the Fathers travel;
  But in a month, rich in fair sons and heroes, come back into
   our homes to eat oblation.
64If Agni Jātavedas, as he bore you hence to the Fathers' world,
   hath left one single.
  Limb of your bodies, here do I restore it. Fathers, rejoice in
   heaven with all your members!
65Meet for men's praises, Agni Jātavedas was sent as envoy when
   the day was closing.
  Thou gavest to the Fathers with oblation. They ate; eat, God,
   our offered sacrifices.
66Here hast thou left thy heart; O man, as sisters leave their little
   pet. Do thou, O earth, envelop him.
67Bright be to thee those worlds where dwell the Fathers! I seat
   thee in that sphere which they inhabit.
68Thou art the grass whereon our Fathers seat them.
69Loosen, O Varuna, the bond that binds us; loosen the bond
   above, between, and under.
  Then under thy protection, O Āditya, may we be sinless and
   restored to freedom.
70From all those bonds, O Varuna, release us, wherewith a man
   is bound at length and cross-wise.
  Then may we live a hundred autumn seasons guarded by thee,
  O King, by thee protected.
71To Agni, bearer of oblation to the Manes, be Hail! and
72To Soma connected with the Fathers Hail! and homage!
73To the Fathers connected with Soma Hail! and homage!
74To Yama connected with the Fathers Hail! and homage!
75To thee, O Great-grandfather, and those with thee be this cry of
76To thee, Great-grandfather, and to those with thee be this cry of
77To thee, O Fathers, be this cry of Hail!
78Hail to the Fathers who inhabit earth!
79Hail to the Fathers who inhabit the firmament!
80Hail to the Fathers who dwell in heaven!
81Hail, Fathers, to your energy! Hail, Fathers, to your sap!
82Hail Father; to your wrath! Hail, Fathers, to your ardour! p. 208
83Hail, Fathers, to what is awful! Hail to what is terrible in you!'
84Hail, Fathers, to all that is propitious! Hail to all that is plea-
   sant in you!
85Homage to you Fathers! Hail to you, Fathers!
86All Fathers who are here, the Fathers here are you: let then-
    follow you. May ye be the most excellent of these.
87All living fathers who are here are we here: let them follow us.
  May we be the most excellent of these.
88Bright Agni, we will kindle thee, rich in thy splendour, fading.
  So that this glorious fuel may send forth to heaven its light for
   thee. Bring food to those who sing thy praise.
89Within the waters runs the Moon, the strong-winged Eagle soars.
   in heaven.
  Ye Lightnings with your golden wheels, men find not your abid-
   ing-place. Hear this my call, O Heaven and Earth.

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