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p. 165


A charm to secure long life and success

1I am the:centre of riches. Fain would I be the centre of mine
2Pleasant art thou to sit by one, a mother: immortal among
3Let not inward breath desert me; let not outward breath depart
   and leave me.
4Let Sūrya protect me from Day, Agni from Earth, Vāyu from
  Firmament, Yama from men, Sarasvatī from dwellers on the
5Let not outward and inward breath fail me. Be not thou destruc-
   tive among the men.
6Propitious to-day be dawns and evenings. May I drink water with
   all my people safe around me.
7Mighty are ye, domestic creatures. May Mitra-Varuna stand
   beside me. May Agni give me inward and outward breath.
  May,he give me ability.

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