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p. 163



On the preparation and use of holy water, with, a prayer for purification and freedom from sin

1The Bull of the Waters hath been let go; the heavenly fires have
   been let go.
2Breaking, breaking down, crushing, crushing to pieces,
3Mroka, mind-destroying, rooting up, consuming, ruiner of the
   soul, ruiner of the body.
4Here I let him go: thou washest me clean of him.
5With this we let him loose who hates us and whom we hate.
6Thou art in front of the waters. I let loose your sea.
7I let loose the Agni who is within the waters, Mroka the up-
   rooter, the destroyer of the body.
8Your Agni who entered into the waters, even he here is that very
   dread of yours.
9May he anoint you with Indra's own mighty power!
10May stainless waters cleanse us from defilement.
11May they carry sin away from us, may they carry away from us
   the evil dream.
12Look on me with a friendly eye, O, Waters, and touch my skin
   with your auspicious body.
13We call the gracious Fires that dwell in waters. Goddesses, grant
   me princely power and splendour.

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