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1He in whose house the Vrātya who possesses this knowledge
   abides one night secures for himself thereby the holy realms
   that are on earth.
2A second night . . . . the holy realms that are in the firma-
   ment (the rest as in verse 1).
3A third night . . . the holy realms that are in heaven.
4A fourth night . . . . the holy realms of the Holy.
5Unlimited nights . . . . unlimited holy realms.
6Now he to whose house a non-Vrātya, calling himself a Vrātya,
   and one in name only, comes as a guest.
7Should punish him and not punish him.
8He should serve him with food saying to himself, To this Deity
  I offer water: I lodge this Deity; I wait upon this, this
9To that Deity the sacrifice of him who has this knowledge is

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