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p. 156


1So let the King, to whose house the Vrātya who possesses this
   knowledge comes as a guest.
2Honour him as superior to himself. So he Both not act against
   the interests of his princely rank or his kingdom.
3From him, verily, sprang Priesthood and Royalty. They said,
  Into whom shall we enter?
4Let Priesthood enter into Brihaspati, and Royalty into Indra,
   was the answer.
5Hence Priesthood entered into Brihaspati and Royalty into
6Now this Earth is Brihaspati, and Heaven is Indra.
7Now this Agni is Priesthood, and yonder Sun is Royalty.
8Priesthood comes to him, and he becomes endowed with priestly
9Who knows that Earth is Brihaspati and Agni Priesthood.
10Great power comes to him and he becomes endowed with great
11Who knows that Āditya is Royalty and that Heaven is Indra.

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