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1For a whole year he stood erect. The Gods said unto him, Why
   standest thou, O Vrātya? He answered and said, Let them
   bring my couch.
3They brought the couch for that Vrātya.
4Two of its feet were Summer and Spring, and two were Autumn
   and the Rains.
5Brihat and Rathantara were the two long boards, Yajnāyajniya
   and Vāmadevya the two cross-boards.
6Holy verses were the strings lengthwise, and Yajus formulas the
7Sacred lore was the blanket, Devotion the coverlet.
8The Sāman was the Cushion, and chanting the bolster.
9The Vrātya ascended that couch.
10The hosts of Gods were his attendants, solemn vows his
   messengers, and all creatures his worshippers.
11All creatures become the worshippers of him who possesses this

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