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p. 149



The hyperbolical glorification of the Vrātya or Aryan Non-conformist

1There was a roaming Vrātya. He roused Prajāpati to action.
2Prajāpati beheld gold in himself and engendered it.
3That became unique, that became distinguished, that became
   great, that became excellent, that became Devotion, that be-
   came holy Fervour, that became Truth: through that he was
4He grew, he became great, he became Mahādeva.
5He gained the lordship of the Gods. He became Lord.
6He became Chief Vrātya. He held a bow, even that Bow of
7His belly is dark-blue, his back is red.
8With dark-blue he envelops a detested rival, with red he pierces
   the man who hates him: so the theologians say.

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