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On the Bridal of Sūryā, marriage ceremonies in general

1Truth is the base that bears the earth; by Sūrya are the heavens
  By Law the Ādityas stand secure, and Soma holds his place in
2By Soma are the Ādityas strong, by Soma mighty is the earth:
  Thus Soma in the lap of all these constellations hath his home.
3One thinks, when men have brayed the plant, that he hath drunk
   the Soma's juice.
  Of him whom Brāhmans truly know as Soma never mortal eats.
4When they begin to drink thee, then, O God, thou swellest out
  Vāyu in Soma's sentinel. The month is that which shapes the
5Soma, preserved by covering rules, guarded by hymns in Brihatī,
  Thou standest listening to the stones; none tastes of thee who
   dwells on earth.
6Thought was her coverlet, the power of sight was unguent for her
  Her treasure-chest was earth and heaven, when Sūryā went unto
   her lord.
7Raibhi was her dear bridal friend, and Nārāsatisi led her home.
  Lovely to see was Sūryā's robe: by Gāthā beautified she moves
8Songs were the cross-bars of the pole, Kurira metre docked her
  Both Asvins were the paranymphs: Agni was leader of the
9Soma was he who wooed the maid: the groomsmen were both.
  Asvins, when
  The Sun-God Savitar bestowed his willing Sūryā on her lord.
10Her spirit was the bridal car, the canopy thereof was heaven:
  Two radiant oxen formed the team when Sūryā came unto her
   lord. p. 130
11Steadily went the steers upheld by holy verse and song of praise,
  The chariot-wheels were listening ears: thy path was tremulous
   in the sky.
12Pure, as thou wentest, were thy wheels, breath was the axle pier-
   cing them.
  Sūryā advancing to her lord rode on the chariot of her heart.
13The bridal pomp of Sūryā, which Savitar started, moved along.
  In Maghā days are oxen slain, in Phalgunis they wed the bride.
14When on your three-wheeled chariot, O ye Asvins, ye came as
   suitors unto Sūrya's bridal,
  Where was one chariot-wheel of yours? Where stood ye for the
   sire's command?
15Twin Lords of Lustre, at the time when ye to Sūryā's wooing
  Then all the Gods agreed to your proposal Pūshan as son elected
   you as father.
16Two wheels of thine the Brāhmans know, Sūrya! according to
   their times.
  That which is hidden only those who know the highest truths
   have learned.
17Worship we pay to Aryaman, finder of husbands, kindly friend.
  As from its stalk a cucumber, from here I loose thee, not from
18Hence and not thence I send her free. I make her softly fettered
  That, bounteous Indra! she may live blest in her fortune and
   her sons.
19Now from the noose of Varuna I free thee, where with the bless-
   ed Savitar hath bound thee.
  May bless be thine together with thy wooer in Order's dwelling,
   in the world of virtue.
20Let Bhaga take thy hand and hence conduct thee: let the two
  Asvins on their car transport thee.
  Go to the house to be the household's mistress, and speak as
   lady to thy gathered people.
21Happy be thou and prosper with thy children here: be vigilant
   to rule the household in this home.
  Closely unite thy body with this man thy lord. So shalt thou,
   full of years, address thy company. p. 131
22Be not divided; dwell ye here; reach the full time of human
  With sons and grandsons sport and play, rejoicing in your happy
23Moving by magic power from east to westward, these children
   twain go sporting round the ocean.
  The one beholds all creatures: thou, the other, art born anew,
   duly arranging seasons.
24Thou, born afresh, art new and new for ever; ensign of days,
   before the Dawns thou goest.
  Coming, thou orderest for Gods their portion. Thou lengthenest,
  Moon, the days of our existence.
25Give thou the wollen robe away: deal treasure to the Brāhman-
  This Witchery hath got her feet: the wife attendeth on her lord.
26It turneth dusky-red: the witch who clingeth close is driven off.
  Well thrive the kinsmen of this bride: the husband is bound
   fast in bonds.
27Unlovely is his body when it glistens with that wicked fiend,
  What time the husband wraps about his limbs the garment of
   his wife.
28The butchering, the cutting-up, the severing of limb and joint—
  Behold the forms which Sūryā wears: yet these the Brāhman
29Pungent is this, bitter is this, filled as it were with arrow barbs,
   empoisoned and not fit for use.
  The Brāhman who knows Sūryā well deserves the garment of
   the bride.
30The Brāhman takes away the robe as a fair thing that brings good
  He knows the expiating rite whereby the wife is kept unharmed.
31Prepare, ye twain, happy and prosperous fortune, speaking the
   truth in faithful utterances.
  Dear unto her, Brihaspati, make the husband, and pleasant be
   these words the wooer speaketh.
32Remain ye even here and go no farther: strengthen this man, ye
  Cows, with plenteous offspring.
  May Dawns that come for glory, bright with Soma, here may all
  Gods fix and enchant your spirits. p. 132
33Come, O ye Cows, with offspring dwell around him: he doth not
   stint the Gods' alloted portion.
  To him, your friend, may Pūshan, all the Maruts, to him may
  Dhatar, Savitar send vigour.
34Straight in direction be the paths, and thornless, whereby our
   fellows travel to the wooing.
  With Bhaga and with Aryaman Dhātar endue the pair with
35Whatever lustre is in dice, whatever lustre is in wine,
  Whatever lustre is in cows, Asvins, endue this dame therewith.
36With all the sheen that balmeth wine, or thigh of female para-
  With all the sheen that balmeth dice, even with this adorn the
37He who in water shines unfed with fuel, whom sages worship in
   their sacrifices.
  May he, the Waters' Child, send us sweet waters those that en-
   hanced the power of mighty Indra.
38I cast away a handful here, hurtful, injurious to health.
  I lift another handful up, sparkling and bringing happiness.
39Hither let Brāhmans bring her bathing water; let them draw
   such as guards the lives of heroes.
  Aryaman's fire let her encircle, Pūshan! Fathers-in-law stand,
   with their sons, expectant.
40Blest be the gold to thee, and blest the water, blest the yoke's
   opening, and blest the pillar.
  Blest he the waters with their hundred cleansings: blest be thy
   body's union with thy husband.
41Cleansing Apālā, Indra! thrice, thou gavest sunbright skin to
  Drawn, Satakratu! through the hole of car, of wagon, and of
42Saying thy prayer for cheerfulness, children, prosperity, and
  Devoted to thy husband, gird thyself for immortality.
43As vigorous Sindhu won himself imperial lordship of the
  So be imperial queen when thou hast come within thy husband's
44Over thy husband's fathers and his brothers be imperial queen. p. 133
  Over thy husband's sister and, his mother bear supreme control.
45They who have spun, and woven, and extended Goddesses who
   have drawn the ends together,
  May they invest thee for full long existence. Heiress of lengthen-
   ed life, endue this garment,
46They mourn the living, they arrange the sacred rite: the men
   have set their thoughts upon a distant cast:
  They who have brought the Fathers this delightful gift, when
   wives allowed their lords the joy of their embrace.
47I place upon the lap of Earth the Goddess, a firm auspicious
   stone to bring thee children.
  Stand on it, thou, greeted with joy, resplendent: a long long
   life may Savitar vouchsafe thee.
48As Agni in the olden time took the right hand of this our Earth.
  Even so I take and hold thy hand: be not disquieted, with me,
   with children and with store of wealth.
49God Savitar shall take thy hand, and Soma the King shall make
   thee rich in goodly offspring,
  Let Agni, Lord Omniscient, make thee happy, till old old age a
   wife unto thy husband.
50I take thy hand in mine for happy fortune that thou mayst reach
   old age with me thy consort,
  Gods, Aryaman, Bhaga, Savitar, Purandhi, have given thee to be
   my household's mistress.
51Bhaga and Savitar the God have clasped that hand of thine in
  By rule and law thou art my wife: the master of thy house am I.
52Be it my care to cherish her: Brihaspati hath made thee mine.
  A hundred autumns live with me thy husband, mother of my
53Tvashtar, by order of the holy sages, hath laid on her Brihas-
   pati's robe for glory,
  By means of this let Savitar and Bhaga surround this dame, like
  Sūryā, with her children.
54May Indra-Agni, Heaven-Earth, Mātarisvan, may Mitra-Varuna,
  Bhaga, both the Asvins,
  Brihaspati, the host of Maruts, Brahma, and Soma magnify this
   dame with offspring.
55It was Brihaspati who first arranged the hair on Sūryā's head, p. 134
  And therefore, O ye Asvins, we adorn this woman for her lord.
56This lovely form the maiden wears in spirit I long to look on
   as my wife approaching,
  Her will I follow with my nine companions. Who is the sage
   that loosed the bonds that held her?
57I free her: he who sees, within my bosom, my heart's nest
   knows how her fair form hath struck me.
  I taste no stolen food: myself untying Varuna's nooses I am
   freed in spirit.
58Now from the bond of Varuna I loose thee, wherein the blessed
  Savitar hath bound thee.
  O bride, I give thee here beside thy husband fair space and room
   and pleasant paths to travel.
59Lift up your weapons. Drive away the demons. Transport this
   woman to the world of virtue.
  Dilator, most wise, hath found for her a husband. Let him who
   knows, King Bhaga, go before her.
60Bhaga hath formed the four legs of the litter, wrought the four
   pieces that compose the frame-work.
  Tvashtar hath decked the straps that go across it, May it be
   blest, and bring us happy fortune.
61Mount this, all-hued. gold tinted, strong wheeled, fashioned of
  Kinsuka, this chariot lightly rolling,
  Bound for the world of life immortal, Sūryā! Made for thy
   lord a happy bride's procession.
62To us, O Varuna, bring her, kind to brothers; bring her, Brihas-
   pati, gentle to the cattle.
  Bring her, O Indra, gentle to her husband: bring her to us, O
  Savitar, blest with children.
63Hurt not the girl, ye Pillars twain upon the path which Gods
   have made.
  The portal of the heavenly home we make the bride's auspicious
64Let prayer he offered up before and after, prayer in the middle,
   lastly, all around her.
  Reaching the Gods' inviolable castle shine in thy lord's world
   gentle and auspicious.

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