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p. 120


A glorification of Rohita. with a malediction on the man who wrongs a Brāhman

1He who engendered these, the earth and heaven, who made the
   worlds the mantle that he weareth,
  In whom abide the six wide-spreading regions through which the
  Bird's keen vision penetrateth,
  This God is wroth offended by the sinner who wrongs the
  Brāhman who hath gained this knowledge
  Agitate him, O Rohita; destroy him: entangle in thy snares the
  Brāman's tyrant.
2He from whom winds blow pure in ordered season, from whom
   the seas flow forth in all directions, p. 121
  This God, etc.
3He who takes life away, he who bestows it; from whom comes
   breath to every living creature,
  This God, etc.
4Who with the breath he draws sates earth and heaven, with
   expiration fills the ocean's belly,
  This God, etc.
5In whom Virāj, Prajāpati, Parameshthin, Agni Vaisvānara abide
   with Pankti,
  He who hath taken to himself the breathing of the Supreme, the
   vigour of the Highest,
  This God, etc.
6On whom rest six expenses and five regions, four waters, and
   three syllables of worship,
  He who hath looked between both spheres in anger,
  This God, etc.
7He who, consuming food, became its master, the Lord of Prayer,
   the Regent of Devotion,
  The world's Lord, present and to be hereafter,
  This God, etc.
8He who metes out the thirteenth month, constructed with days
   and nights, containing thirty members,
  This God, etc.
9Dark the descent; the strong-winged birds are golden: they fly
   aloft to heaven, enrobed in waters.
  They have come hither from the seat of Order,
  This God, etc.
10What silver. Kasyapa, thou hast refulgent, what brightly-shining
   lotus-flower collected,
  Wherein are gathered seven Suns together,
  This God, etc.
11In front the Brihat-Sāman is his mantle, and from behind
  Rathantara enfolds him,
  Ever with care robing themselves in splendour.
  This God, etc.
12One of his wings was Brihat, and the other Rathantarr., vigorous
   with one same purpose,
  What time the Gods gave Rohita his being.
  This God, etc. p. 122
13At evening he is Varuna and Agni, ascending in the morning he
   is Mitra.
  As Savitar, he moves through air's mid region, as Indra warms-
   the heavens from the centre.
  This God, etc.
14This gold-hued Harisa's wings, soaring to heaven spread o'er a
   thousand days' continued journey.
  Supporting all the Gods upon his bosom, he goes his way behol-
   ding every creature.
  This God, etc.
15This is the God who dwells-within the waters, the thousand-
   rooted, many-powered Atri,
  He who brought all this world into existence.
  This God; etc.
16With flying feet his tawny coursers carry the bright God through,
   the sky, aglow with splendour.
  Whose limbs uplifted fire and heat the heavens: hither he shines-
   with beams of golden colour.
  This God, etc.
17He beside whom his bay steeds bear the Ādityas, by whom as
   sacrifice go many knowing.
  The sole light shining spread through various places.
  This God, etc.
18This seven make the one-wheeled chariot ready: bearing seven
   names the single courser draws it.
  The wheel, three-naved, is sound and undecaying: thereon these
   worlds of life are all dependent.
  This God, etc.
19Eight times attached the potent Courser draws it, Sire of the
  Gods, father of hymns and praises.
  So Mātarisvan, measuring in spirit the thread of Order, purifies
   all regions.
  This God, etc.
20The thread that goes through all celestial quarters within the
  Gāyatri, womb of life eternal.
  This God, etc.
21There are the settings, three the upward risings, three are the-
   spaces, yea, and three the heavens.
  We know thy triple place of birth, O Agni, we know the deities''
   triple generations. p. 123
22He who, as soon as born, laid broad earth open, and set the
   ocean in the air's mid-region, This God, etc.
23Thou, Agni, kind with lights and mental powers, hast up in
   heaven shone as the Sun, enkindled.
  The Maruts, sons of Prisni, sang his praises what time the Gods
   gave Rohita his being. This God, etc.
24Giver of breath, giver of strength and vigour, he whose com-
   mandment all the Gods acknowledge,
  He who is Lord of this, of man and cattle, This God, etc.
25The single-footed hath outstepped the biped, the biped overtakes
   the triple-footed.
  The quadruped hath wrought when bipeds called him, standing
   and looking on the five collected.
  This God is wroth offended by the sinner that wrongs the
  Brāhman who hath gained this knowledge.
  Agitate him, O Rohita; destroy him: entangle in thy snares the
  Brāhman's tyrant.
26Born is the darksome Mother's Son, the whitely shining Calf of
  He, Rohita, ascendeth up to heaven, hath mounted to the

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