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p. 89


An accompaniment to the preparation and presentation of sacrificial offerings by a householder and his wife, with prayer for prosperity and happiness on earth and in heaven

1Mount, male from male, the skin. Go thither: summon those
   whom thou lovest, one and all, to meet thee,
  Strong as ye were when first ye met each other, still be your
   strength the same in Yama's kingdom.
2So strong your sight, so many be your powers, so great your
   force, your energies so many,
  When fire attends the body as its fuel, then may, ye gain full
   chargers, O ye couple.
3Together in this world, in God-ward pathway, together be ye in
   the realms of Yama.
  Invite, made pure with means of purifying, whatever seed of
   yours hath been developed.
4Do ye, O sons, unite you with the waters, meeting this living
   man, ye life-sustainers,
  Allot to them the Odana your mother is making ready, which
   they call immortal.
5That which your mother and your sire, to banish sin and un-
   cleanness from their lips, are cooking.
  That Odana with hundred streams, sky-reaching, hath in its
   might prevaded earth and heaven.
6Live with your sons, when life on earth is ended, live in the
   sphere most rich in light and sweetness.
  In skies that have been won by sacrificers make both the worlds,
   earth, heaven, your habitation.
7Approach the eastern, yea: the eastern region, this is the
   sphere to which the faithful turn them,
  Your cooked oblation that in fire was offered, together, wife and
   husband, meet to guard it. p. 90
8Now, as your steps approach the southern quarter, move in.
   your circling course about this vessel.
  Herein, accordant with the Fathers, Yama shall mightily protect
   your cooked oblation.
9Best of the regions is indeed this western wherein the King and
   gracious Lord is Soma.
  Thither resort for rest, follow the pious. Then gain the laden
   chargers, O ye couple.
10Ever victorious is the northern region: may the east quarter set
   us first and foremost.
  The Man became the five-divisioned metre. May we abide wit .
   all our members perfect.
11This stedfast realm is Queen. To her be homage! To me and
   to my sons may she be gracious.
  Guard thou, O Goddess Aditi, all-bounteous, our cooked oblation
   as an active warder.
12Embrace us as a father clasps his children. Here on the Earth
   let kindly breezes fan us.
  Let the rice-mess these two cook here, O Goddess, know this
   our truthfulness and zealous fervour.
13If the dark bird hath come to us and, stealing the hanging. .
   morsel, settled in his dwelling,
  Or if the slave-girl hath, wet-handed, smearing the pestle and
   the mortar, cleansed the waters,
14This pressing-stone, broad-based and strength-bestowing, made
   pure by cleansing means, shall chase the demon.
  Mount on the skin: afford us great protection, Let not the sons'
   sin fall on wife and husband.
15Together with the Gods, banning Pis5chas and demons, hath
  Vanaspati come hither.
  He shall rise up and send his voice out loudly. May we win all
   the worlds with him to help us.
16Seven victims held the sacrificial essence, the bright one and the
   one that hath grown feeble.
  The three-and-thirty Deities attend them. As such, conduct us
   io the world of Svarga.
17Unto the world of Svarga shalt thou lead us: there may we dwell
   beside our wife and children.
  I take thy hand Let not Destruction, let not Malignity come
   hither and subdue us. p. 91
18We have subdued that sinful-hearted Grāhi. Thou shalt speak
   sweetly having chased the darkness.
  Let not the wooden gear made ready fail us, nor harm the grain
   of rice that pays due worship.
19Soon to be, decked with butter, all-embracing, come to this
   world wherewith birth unites thee.
  Seize thou the winnowing-fan which rains have nourished, and
   let this separate the chaff and refuse.
20Three worlds hath Power Divine marked out and measured,
  Fheaven yonder, and the earth, and airs mid-region.
  Grasp ye the stalks and in your hands retain them: let them be
   watered and again be winnowed.
21Manifold, various are the shapes of victims. Thou growest uni-
   form by great abundance.
  Push thou away this skin of ruddy colour: the stone will cleanse
   as one who cleanses raiment.
22Earth upon earth l set thee. This thy body is con-substantial,.
   but in form it differs.
  Whate'er hath been worn off or scratched in fixing, leak not
   thereat: I spread a charm to mend it.
23Thou for thy son shalt yearn as yearns a mother. I lay thee
   down and with the earth unite thee.
  Conjoined with sacrificial gear and butter may pot and jar stand
   firmly on the altar.
24Eastward may Agni as he cooks preserve thee. Southward may
  Indra, grit by Maruts, guard thee,
  Varuna strengthen and support thee westward, and Soma on
   the north hold thee together.
25Drops flow, made pure by filters, from the rain-cloud: to heaven
   and earth and to the worlds they travel,
  May Indra light them up, poured in the vessel, lively and sted-
   fast, quickening living creatures.
26From heaven they come, they visit earth, and rising from earth
   unite themselves with air's mid-region,
  Purified, excellent, they with shine in beauty. Thus may they lead us
   to the world of Svarga.
27Yea, and supreme, alike in conformation, and brilliant and
   refulgent and immortal,
  As such, enjoined, well-guarding, water-givers, dress ye the
  Odana for wife and husband. p. 92
28Numbered, they visit earth, these drops of moisture, commensu-
   rate with plants and vital breathings,
  Unnumbered, scattered, beautiful in colour, the bright, ones
   have pervaded all refulgence.
29Heated, they rage and boil in agitation, they cast about their
   foam and countless bubbles
  Like a fond woman when she sees her husband—what time ye
   waters and these rice-grains mingle,
30Take up these rice-grains lying at the bottom: led them be blent
   and mingled with the waters.
  This water I have measured in the vessel, if as mid-points the
   rice-grains have been meted.
31Present the sickle: quickly bring it hither. Let them out plants
   and joints with hands that harm not.
  So may the plants be free from wrath against us, they o'er
   whose realm Soma hath won dominion.
32Strew ye fresh grass for the boiled rice to rest on: fair let it be,
   sweet to the eye and spirit.
  Hither come Goddesses with Gods, and sitting here taste in
   proper season this oblation.
33On the strewn grass. Vanaspati, be seated; commensurate with
  Gods and Agnishtomas.
  Let thy fair form, wrought as by Tvashtar's hatchet, mark these
   that yearn for thee within the vessel.
34In sixty autumns may the Treasure-Guardian seek to gain
   heavenly light by cooked oblation.
  On this may sons and fathers live dependent. Send thou this
   mess to Fire that leads to heaven.
35On the earth's breast stand firmly as supporter: may Deities
   stir thee who ne'er hast shaken.
  So living man and wife with living children remove thee from
   the hearth of circling Agni.
36All wishes that have blessed those with fulfilment, having won
   all the worlds have met together.
  Let them plunge in both stirring-spoon and ladle: raise this and
   set it in a single vessel.
37Pour out the covering butter, spread it eastward: sprinkle this
   vessel over with the fatness.
  Greet this, ye Deities, with gentle murmur, as lowing cows wel-
   come their tender suckling. p. 93
38Thou hast poured oil and made the worlds: let heaven, unequal-
   led, be spread out in wide extension.
  Herein be cooked the buffalo, strong-pinioned: the Gods shall
   give the Deities this oblation.
39Whate'er thy wife, away from thee, makes ready, or what, O
   wife, apart from thee, thy husband,
  Combine it all: let it be yours in common while ye produce one
   world with joint endeavour.
40All these now dwelling on the earth, mine offspring, these whom,
   this woman here, my wife, hath borne me,
  Invite them all unto the vessel: knowing their kinship have the
   children met together.
41Swollen with savoury meath, the stream of treasures, sources of
   immortality blent with fatness
  Soma retains all these; in sixty autumns the Guardian Lord of
  Treasures may desire them.
42The Lord of Treasures may desire this treasure: lordless on.
   every side be all the others.
  Our mess, presented seeking heaven, hath mounted in three
   divisions all three realms of Svarga.
43May Agni burn the God-denying demon: let no carnivorous.
  Pis icha drink here.
  We drive him off, we keep him at a distance. Ādityas and
  Angirases pursue him!
44This meath do I announce, mingled with butter, to the Angi-
   rases and the Ādityas.
  With pure hands ne'er laid roughly on a Brahman go, pious.
   couple, to the world of Svarga.
45Of this have I obtained the noblest portion from that same
   world whence Parmeshthin gained it.
  Pour forth, besprinkle butter rich in fatness: the share of
  Angiras is here before us.
46To Deities, to Truth, to holy Fervour this treasure we consign,.
   this rich deposit,
  At play, in meeting led it not desert us, never give out to anyone
   besides me.
47I cook the offering, I present oblation: only my wife attends
   the holy service.
  A youthful world, a son hath been begotten. Begin a life that
   brings success and triumph. p. 94
48There is no fault in this, no reservation, none when it goes with
   friends in close alliance.
  We have laid down this vessel in perfection: the cooked mess
   shall re-enter him who cooked it.
49To those we love may we do acts that please them. Away to
   darkness go all those who hate us!
  Cow, ox, and strength of every kind approach us! Thus let
   them banish death of human beings.
50Perfectly do the Agnis know each other, one visitor of plants
   and one of rivers,
  And all the Gods who shine and glow in heaven. Gold is the
   light of him who cooks oblation.
51Man hath received this skin of his from nature: of other
   animals not one is naked.
  Ye make him clothe himself with might for raiment. Odana's
   mouth is a home-woven vesture.
52Whatever thou may say at dice, in meeting, whatever falsehood
   through desire of riches,
  Ye two, about one common warp uniting, deposit all impurity
   within it.
53Win thou the rain: approach the Gods. Around thee thou from
   the skin shalt make the smoke rise upward.
  Soon to be, decked with butter, all-embracing, come to this
   world wherewith one birth unites thee.
54In many a shape hath heaven transformed its body, as in itself
   is known, of varied eolour.
  Cleansing the bright, the dark form hath it banished: the red
   form in the fire to thee I offer.
55To the eastern region, to Agni the Regent, to Asita the Protector,
  Āditya the Archer, we present thee, this offering of ours. Do
   ye preserve it from aggression
  To full old age may Destiny conduct us; may full old age deliver
   us to Mrityu. Then may we be with our prepared oblation.
56To the southern region, to Indra the Regent, to Tiraschirāji the
  Protector, to Yama the Archer, we present, etc. (as in stanza
57To the western region, to Varuna the Regent, to Pridāku the
  Protector, to Food the Archer, we present, etc.
58To the northern region, to Soma the Regent, to Svaja the Protec-
   tor, to Thunderbolt the Archer, we present, etc. p. 95
59To the stedfast region, to Vishnu the Regent, to Kalmāshagriva
   the Protector, to Plants the Archers, we present, etc.
60To the upper region, to Brihaspati the Regent, to Svitra the
  Protector, to Rain the Archer, we present thee, this offering
   of ours. Do ye preserve it from aggression.
  To full old age may Destiny conduct us, may full old age deliver
   us to Mrityu. Then may we be with our prepared oblation.

p. 96

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