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p. 61


A glorification of the Uchchhishta or Residue of Sacrifice

1The Residue of Sacrifice containeth name, and from, and world:
  Indra and Agni and the whole universe are comprised therein.
2The Residue of Sacrifice holdeth Earth, Heaven, and all that is:
  The Residue of Sacrifice holdeth sea, waters, Moon, and Wind.
3Real, non-real, both are there, Prajāpati, and Death, and
  Thereon depend the worldly ones: in me are glory Dra and Vra.
4The firm, the fast, the strong, the hard, Brahma, the All-creating
  Gods, as a wheel about the nave, are fixed all round the
5Verse, Song, and Sacrificial Text, chanting, the prelude, and the
  The hum is in the Residue, the tone, the murmur of the psalm.
6Within the Residue, like babes unborn, the parts of sacrifice,
  Aindrāgne Pāvamāna lie. Mahānāmnī, Mahavrata.
7The Vājapeya, Royal Rite, the Agnishoma and its forms,
  Hymns, joyfullest with living grass the Asvamedha, are therein,
8Dikshā and Agnyādheya rite that sates the wish, with magic-
  Suspended rites, long sessions, are contained within the Residue.
9Faith fire-oblation, fervent zeal, service, and sacrificial cry,
  Guerdon, good works and their reward, are stored within the
10Sacrifice of one night, or two, Sadya1 kri, Ukthya, and Prakri,
  Call, deep-toned summons are therein, fine parts, through lore,
   of sacrifice,
11Sacrifice of four nights, of five, of six nights, day and night
  Shodai, seven-night sacrifice, all these sprang from the Residue,
   these which the Immortal One contains. p. 62
12Pratihāra and Nidhanam, the Visvajit, the Abhijit,
  The two Sāhnātirātrās and Twelve-day rite are stored therein.
13Pleasantness, reverence, peace, and power, strength, vigour,
  All forward wishes are with love satisfied in the Residue.
14Nine several oceans, earths, and skies are set within, the Residue,
  Bright shines the Sun therein, in me, the Residue, are Day and
15The Residue the Father's sire, who bears this universe, supports
  Vishūvān, Upahavya, and all worship offered secretly.
16The Father's sire, the Residue, grandson of Spirit, primal Sire,
  Lord of the universe, the Bull, dwells on the earth victorious.
17Right, truth, dominion, fervent zeal, toil, duty, action, future,
  Valour; prosperity, and strength dwell in the Residue in
18Welfare, resolve and energy, the six expanses, kingship, sway,
  Prayer, and direction, and the year, oblation, planets, are there-
19And the four Hotars, Apri hymns, the Nivids, and Four-
   monthly rites,
  Oblations, sacrifices, and animal offerings, and their forms.
20Months, half-months, sections of the year, seasons are in the
  The waters resonant afar, the thunder, and the mighty noise.
21Pebbles, sand, stones, and herbs, and plants, and grass are in
   the Residue,
  Closely embraced and laid therein are lightnings and the clouds
   and rain.
22Gain, acquisition, and success, fulness, complete prosperity.
  Great gain and wealth, are laid, concealed and treasured, in the
23All things that breathe the breath of life, all creatures that have
   eyes to see,
  All the celestial Gods whose home is heaven sprang from the
24Verses, and Songs, and magic hymns, Purāna, sacrificial text.
  All the celestial Gods whose home is heaven sprang from the
  Residue. p. 63
25Inbreath and outbreath, eye and ear, decay and freedom from
  All the celestial Gods whose home is heaven sprang from the
26All pleasures and enjoyments, all delights and rapturous ecsta-
  All the celestial Gods whose home is heaven sprang from the
27The Deities, the Fathers, men, Gandharvas, and Apsarases.
  6 All the celestial Gods whose home is heaven sprang from the

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