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p. 46


Prayer and praise to Bhava, Sarva and Rudra

1Bhava and Sarva, spare us, be not hostile. Homage to you, twin
  Lords of beasts and spirits!
  Shoot not the arrow aimed and drawn against us: forbear to
   harm our quadrupeds and bipeds.
2Cast not our bodies to the dog or jackal, nor, Lord of Beasts!
   to carrion-kites or vultures.
  Let not thy black voracious flies attack them; let not thy birds
   obtain them for their banquet.
3We offer homage to thy shout, Bhava! thy breath, thy racking
  Homage, Immortal One! to thee, to Rudra of the thousand
4We offer reverence to thee from eastward, and from north and
  From all the compass of the sky, to thee and to the firmament.
5Homage, O Bhava, Lord of Beasts, unto thy face and all thine
  To skin, and hue, and aspect, and to thee when looked at from
6We offer homage to thy limbs, thy belly, and thy tongue, and
   mouth we offer homage to thy smell.
7Never may we contend with him, the mighty archer, thousand-
   eyed. p. 47
  Rudra who wears black tufts of hair, the slaughterer of
8May he, may Bhava from all sides avoid us, avoid us even as
   fire avoids the waters. Let him not threaten us. To him be
9Four times, eight times be homage paid to Bhava, yea, Lord of
  Beasts, ten times be reverence paid thee!
  Thine are these animals, five several classes, oxen, and goats and
   sheep, and men, and horses
10Thine the four regions, thine are earth and heaven, thine,
  Mighty One, this firmament between them;
  Thine everything with soul and breath here on the surface of the
11Thine is this ample wealth-containing storehouse that holds with-
   in it all these living creatures.
  Favour us, Lord of Beasts, to thee be homage! Far from us go
   ill-omens, dogs, and jackals, and wild-haired women with
   their horrid shrieking!
12A yellow bow of gold thou wieldest, slaying its hundred, tufted
  God! smiting its thousand.
  Weapon of Gods, far flies the shaft of Rudra: wherever it may
   be, we pay it homage.
13Thou, Rudra, followest close the foe who lies in wait to conquer
  Even as a hunter who pursues the footsteps of the wounded
14Accordant and allies, Bhava and Rudra, with mighty strength ye
   go to deeds of valour. Wherever they may be, we pay them
15Be homage, Rudra, unto thee approaching and departing hence!
  Homage to thee when standing still, to thee when seated and at
16Homage at evening and at morn, homage at night, homage by
   day .
  To Bhava and to Sarva, both, have I paid lowly reverence,
17Let us not outrage with our tongue far-seeing Rudra, thousand-
  Inspired with varied lore, who shoots his arrows forward, far
   away. p. 48
18Foremost we go to meet his car, the chariot of the long-haired
  Drawn by brown horses, dusky, black, o'erthrowing, slaying,
   terrible. Let reverence be paid to him.
19Cast not thy club at us, thy heavenly weapon. Lord of Beasts,
   be not wroth with us. Let reverence be paid to thee.
  Shake thy celestial branch above some others elsewhere, not o'er
20Do us no harm, but comfort us: avoid thou us, and be not
   wroth. Never let us contend with thee.
21Covet not thou our kine or men, covet not thou our goats or
  Elsewhither, strong One! turn thine aim: destroy the mockers'
22Homage to him whose weapon, Cough or Fever, assails one like
   the neighing of a stallion; to him who draws one forth and
   then another!
23Homage be paid him with ten Sakvari verses who stands
   established in the air's mid-region, slaying non-sacrificing
24For thee were forest beasts and sylvan creatures placed in the
   wood, and small birds, swans, and eagles.
  Floods, Lord of Beasts! contain thy living beings: to swell thy
   strength flow the celestial Waters.
25Porpoises, serpents, strange aquatic monsters, fishes, and things
   unclean at which thou shootest.
  Nothing is far for thee, naught checks thee, Bhava! The whole
   earth in a moment thou surveyest. From the east sea thou
   smitest in the northern.
26O'erwhelm us not with Fever or with poison, nor, Rudra! with
   the fire that comes from heaven. Elsewhere, and not on us,
   cast down this lightning.
27Ruler of heaven and Lord of earth is Bhava: Bhava hath filled
   the spacious air's mid-region. Where'er he be, to him be paid
   our homage!
28King Bhava, favour him who offers worship, for thou art
  Pasupati, Lord of victims.
  Be gracious to the quadruped and biped of the believer in the
  Gods' existence. p. 49
29Harm thou among us neither great nor little, not one who bears
   us, not our future bearers.
  Injure no sire among us, harm no mother. Forbear to injure our
   own bodies, Rudra.
30This lowly reverence have I paid to Rudra's dogs with mighty
  Hounds terrible with bark and howl, who gorge unmasticated
31Homage to thy loud-shouting hosts and thy long-haired
  Homage to hosts that are adored, homage to armies that enjoy
  Homage to all thy troops, O God. Security and bliss be ours!

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