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p. a340


A charm to restore a sick man to health

1The tawny-coloured, and the pale, the variegated and the red,
  The dusky-tinted, and the black,—all Plants we summon hither-
2This man let them deliver from Consumption which the Gods
   have sent.
  The father of these Herbs was Heaven, their mother Earth, the
  Sea their root.
3The Waters are the best, and heavenly Plants.
  From every limb of thine have they removed Consumption
   caused by sin.
4I speak to Healing Herbs spreading, and bushy, to creepers, and
   to those whose sheath is single,
  I call for thee the fibrous and the reed-like, and branching.
  Plants, dear to the Visve Devas, powerful, giving life to men.
5The conquering strength, the power and might which ye, victo-
   rious Plants, possess,
  Therewith deliver this man here from this Consumption, O ye
  Plants: so I prepare the remedy.
6The living Plant that giveth life, that driveth malady away,
  Arundhatr, the rescuer, strengthening, rich a sweets I call, to free
   this man from scath and harm.
7Hitherward let the sapient come, the friendly sharers o f my
   speech. p. a341
  That we may give this man relief and raise him from his evil
8Germ of the Waters, Agni's food, Plants ever growing fresh and
  Sure, healing, bearing thousand names, let them be all collected
9Let Plants whose soul is water, girt with Avakās, piercing with
   their sharp horns expel the malady.
10Strong, antidotes of poison, those releasers, free from Varuna,
  And those that drive away Catarrh, and those that frustrate
   magic arts, let all those Plants come hitherward.
11Let purchased Plants of mightier power, Plants that are praised
   for excellence.
  Here in this village safely keep cattle and horses, man and beast.
12Sweet is their root, sweet are these Plants' top branches, sweet
   also is their intermediate portion;
  Sweet is their foliage, and sweet their blossom, combined with
   sweetness is their taste of Amrit: food, fatness let them yield,
   with kine preceding.
13These Plants that grow upon the earth, whate'er their number
   and their size,
  Let these with all their thousand leaves free me from Death and
14May the Plants' Tiger-amulet, protective, guardian from the
  Beat off the brood of demons, drive all maladies afar from us.
15Before the gathered Plants they fly and scatter, as though a lion's
   roar or fire dismayed them.
  Expelled by Plants, let men's and kine's Consumption pass from
   us to the navigable rivers.
16Emancipated from the sway of Agni, of Vaisvānara, go, covering
   the earth, ye Plants whose ruler is Vanaspati.
17May these be pleasant to our heart, auspicious, rich in store of
  These Plants of the Angirases which grow on mountains and on
18The Plants I know myself, the plants that with mine eye I look
  Plants yet unknown, and those we know, wherein we find that
   power is stored, p. a342
19Let all the congregated Plants attend and mark mine utterance,
  That we may rescue this man here and save him from severe
20Asvattha, Darbha, King of Plants, is Soma, deathless sacrifice
  Barley and Rice are healing balms, the sons of Heaven who
   never die.
21Lift yourselves up, ye Healing Plants, loud is the thunder's crash
   and roar.
  When with full flow Parjanya, ye Children of Prisni! blesseth;
22We give the essence of that stream of nectar of this man to
  So I prepare a remedy that he may live a hundred years.
23Well doth the wild boar know a Plant, the mungoose knows the
  Healing Herb.
  I call, to aid this man, the Plants which Serpents and Gandhar-
   vas know.
24Plants of Angirases which hawks, celestial Plants which eagles.
  Plants known to swans and lesser fowl, Plants known to all the
   birds that fly.
  Plants that are known to sylvan beasts,—I call them all to aid
   this man.
25The multitude of herbs whereon the Cows whom none may
   slaughter feed, all that are food for goats and sheep,
  So many Plants, brought hitherward, give shelter and defence to
26Hitherward unto thee I bring the Plants that cure all maladies,
  All Plants wherein physicians have discovered health-bestowing
27Let Plants with flower and Plants with bud, the fruitful and the
   fruitless, all,
  Like children of one mother, yield their stores for this man's
   perfeet health.
28From the Five-arrowed, from the Ten-arrowed have I delivered
  Freed thee from Yama's fetter and from all offence against the

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