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A prayer for success in gambling

1My homage to the strong, the brown, the sovran lord among
   the dice!
  Butter on Kali I bestow: may he be kind to one like me.
2Bear butter to the Apsarases, O Agni, and to the Dice bear dust
   and sand and water.
  The Gods delight in both oblations, joying in sacrificial gifts
   apportioned duly.
3The Apsarases take pleasure in the banquet between the Sun and.
   the libation-holder.
  With butter let them fill my hands, and give me, to be my prey,
   the man who plays against me.
4Evil be mine opponent's luck! Sprinkle thou butter over us.
  Strike, as a tree with lightning flash, mine adversary in the game.
5The God who found for us this wealth for gambling, to cast the
   dice and count the winning number,
  May he accept the sacrifice we offer, and with Gandharvas revel
   in the banquet.
6Fellow-inhabitants, such is your title, for Dice with looks of
   power support dominion. p. a318
  As such with offerings may we serve you, Indus! May we have
   riches in our own possession.
7As I invoke the Gods at need, as I have lived in chastity,
  May these, when I have grasped the Dice, the brown, be kind to
   one like me.

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