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Sacrificial formulas

1As we have here elected thee, skilled Hotar! to-day as this our
   sacrifice proceedeth,
  Come to the firm place, mightiest! yea, come firmly. Knowing
   the sacrifice, approach the Soma.
2With kine connect us, and with spirit, Indra! Lord of Bay
  Steeds, with princes and with favour,
  With the God-destined portion of the Brāhmans,
   and the good-will of Gods who merit worship.
3The willing Gods whom, God, thou hast brought hither, send
   thou to their own dwelling-place, O Agni.
  When ye have eaten and have drunk sweet juices, endow this
   man with precious wealth, ye Vasus.
4Gods, we have made your seats of easy access, who, pleased
   with me, have come to my libation.
  Bearing and bringing hitherward your treasures, after the rich
   warm beverage mount to heaven.
5Go to the sacrifiee, go to its master, Sacrifice! To thy birth-
   place go with Svāhā. p. a314
6This is thy sacrifice with hole hymnal, Lord of the Rite, Svāhā!
   and fraught with vigour.
7Vashat to paid and yet unpaid oblations! Ye Gods who know
   the way, find and pursue it!
8Lord of the Mind, lay this our sacrifice in heaven among the
  Gods. Svāhā in heaven! Svāhā on earth!
  Svāhā in air! In wind have I paid offerings. Hail!

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