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A charm to frustrate an enemy's sacrifice

1Whatever sacrifice that man performeth with voice, mind, sacred
   formula, oblation,
  May, in accord with Death, Destruction ruin his offering before
   it gain fulfilment.
2For him may sorcerers, Destruction, demons strike and prevent
   fulfilment through their falsehood.
  Let Gods, by Indra sent, destroy his butter, and let his sacrifice
   be ineffective.
3Let the two Sovrans, swift to come, like falcons swooping on
   their prey,
  Destroy the butter of the foe whoever plots to injure us.
4I seize thine arms and draw them back, I bind a bandage on thy
  I with the anger of the God Agni have killed thy sacrifice. p. a300
5Behind thy back I tie thine arms, I bind a bandage on thy
  With the terrific Agni's wrath have I destroyed thy sacrifice.

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