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A glorification of sacrifice

1The Gods adored the Sacrifice with worship: these were the
   statutes of primeval ages.
  Those mighty ones attained the cope of heaven, there where the
  Sādhyas, Gods of old, are dwelling.
2Sacrifice was, was manifest among us: it sprang to life and then
   in time grew stronger.
  Then it became thedeities' lord and ruler: may it bestow on us
   abundant riches.
3Where the Gods worshipped Gods with their oblation, worship-
   ped immortals with immortal spirit, p. a272
  There in the loftiest heaven may we be happy, and look upon
   that light when Sūrya rises.
4With their oblation, Purusha, the Gods performed a sacrifice.
  A sacrifice more potent still they paid with the invoking hymn.
5With dog the Gods, perplexed, have paid oblation, and with
   cow's limbs in sundry sacrifices.
  Invoke for us, in many a place declare him who with his mind.
   hath noticed this our worship.

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