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A woman's imprecation on her unfaithful lover

1O Plant, thy fame is spread abroad as best of all the herbs that
  Unman for me to-day this man that he may wear the horn of
2Make him a eunuch with a horn, set thou the crest upon his-
  Let Indra with two pressing-stones deprive him of his manly
3I have unmanned thee, eunuch! yea, impotent! made thee-
   impotent, and robbed thee, weakling! of thy strength.
  Upon his head we set the horn, we set the branching ornament.
4Duas tuas venas, a Diis factas, in quibus stat vigor virilis,
   paxillo ligneo in testiculis ob istam mulierem tibi findo.
5Ut mulieres mattam (tegetem) facturae arundinem lapide findunt,
   sic fascinum tuum cum testiculis ob istam mulierem findo.

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