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p. a264


A glorification of the sacred girdle

1By the direction of that God we journey, he will seek means to
   save and he will free us;
  The God who hath engirt us with this Girdle, he who hath fast-
   ened it, and made us ready.
2Thou, weapon of the Rishis, art adored and served with
  First tasting of the votive milk, Zone, be a hero-slayer thou!
3As I am now Death's Brahmachāri claiming out of the living
   world a man for Yama,
  So with Austerity and Prayer and Fervour I bind this Girdle
   round the man before me.
4She hath become, Faith's daughter, sprung from Fervour, the
   sister of the world-creating Rishis;
  As such, O Girdle, give us thought and wisdom, give us religious
   zeal and mental vigour.
5Thou whom primeval Rishis girt about them, they who made the
  As such do thou encircle me, O Girdle, for long days of life.

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