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p. a243


A charm to strengthen and inspirit a war-horse

1Be fleet as wind, Strong Steed, when thou art harnessed; go
   forth as swift as thought at lndra's sending.
  Let the possessors of all wealth, the Maruts, yoke thee, and
  Tvashtar in thy feet lay swiftness.
2That speed, that lies concealed in thee, O Charger, speed granted
   to the hawk or wind that wandered,
  Therewith, Strong Steed, saving in shock of battle endowed
   with might by might win thou the contest.
3Bearing thy body, Charger, may thy body run blessing us and
   winning thee protection.
  May he, unswerving, to uphold the mighty, stablish his lustre as
   a God in heaven.

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