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The symbolical liberation of a sacrificial victim

1That collar round thy neck, not to be loosened, which Nirriti
   the Goddess bound and fastened,
  I loose for thy long life and strength and vigour. Eat, liberated,
   food that brings no sorrow.
2To thee, sharp-pointed Nirriti, be homage! Loose thou the
   binding fetters wrought of iron.
  To me, in truth, again doth Yama give thee. To him, to Yama,
   yea, to Death, be homage!
3Compassed by death which comes in thousand manners, here
   art thou fastened to the iron pillar.
  Unanimous with Yama and the Fathers, make this man rise and
   reach the loftiest heaven.
4Thou, mighty Agni, good and true, gatherest up all precious
  Bring us all treasures as thou art enkindled at libation's place.

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