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The Rabellini Table

or Tabellae Rabellinae

for the

Command of Spirits

General Citation of White and Black Magic for the Invocation of Good and Evil Spirits

Roma, Vaticano ad Arcanum Pontificatus Under Pope Alexander VI

Printed in 1501 A.D.

Monarchy of the Good and Familiar Spirits

The following angelic spirits can be cited for all human ministrations: Seraphim Uriel, Cherubim Raphael, Thronus Oriphiel, Dominatio Zachariel, Potestas Gabriel, Virtus Barbiel, Principatus Requel, Archangelus Anael, Angelus Phaleg.

These are the Princes of the nine Choir of Angels. They have among them many spirits 1,000 times 1,000 without end. Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus.

These angelic spirits appear very willingly to human beings to help and serve them in all things.

Other Good Spirits

Chymchy, Asbeor, Yzazel, Xomoy, Asmoy, Diema, Bethor, Arfose, Zenay, Corowe, Orowor, Xonor, Quilheth, Quato, Wewor, Gefowe, Gorhon, Woreth, Hagyr, Welor.

Archarontica or Evil Spirits

Even though evil, the following spirits are still familiar or ministering spirits, and are ready to serve.

Thebot, Wethor, Quorthonn, Ywote, Yrson, Xysorym, Zuwoy, Puchon, Tulef, Legioh, Xexor, Woryon.


Concerning white magic, take notice that all good spirits must be cited when the moon is full, the Princes of the nine Choir of Angels, as well as the other good spirits.

Concerning black magic, take notice that the Seven Princes of Evil must be cited during new moon. Other evil spirits are cited most readily in the dark of the moon, or at the time of an eclipse of the sun or the moon. The circle already {above}, as coercive of hell, is to be used for all spirits, good or evil.

General Citation of Moses, Aaron and Solomon for All Spirits

Aba, Alpha, Omega, Hewozywetony, Xewerator, Menhatoy, Queo, Zuwezet, Rumoy, Ruwetze, Quano, Duzy, Zenthono-Rohmatru, Xono, Zonozebethoos, Zebaoth, Aglay, Tetragrammaton, Adonay, Theos, Ysehyroroseth, Zumquvos, Nywe, Athanatos, Thoy, Quyhet, Homor, Wethoum, Ywae, Ysgeboth, Oray, Zywo, Ysgewot, Zururogos, Zuy, Zywethorosto, Rurom, Xuwye, Xunewe, Keoso, Wecato, Zyweso, Tetragrammaton.

Now pronounce the name of the good or evil spirit distinctly that you wish to conjure. He will appear very suddenly. You then may address him.

Coercion or Binding Of Spirits

Theohatatos, Quyseym, Gefgowe, Phagayr, Messias. Amen.

Valedictio or Dismissal of Spirits

Theos, Zebaoth, Adonay, Ischiros, Zaday, Messias, Salomos, Yweth, Thors, Yzheto, Thyym, Quowe, Xehatoym, Phoe, Tetragrammaton.

Now pronounce the name of the spirit and let him depart in peace. Deus Principium et Finis.