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Citation of the Seven Great Princes


Following is some information regarding the appearances and provinces of the various spirits.


is a very prompt treasure spirit of the earth and of the sea. He appears in the form of a wild ox.


is a very serviceable spirit, and appears in the form of a ferocious dog. He commands the lost treasures of the land and sea.


appears in the form of an old lion. He delivers the treasures of the water and of the land, and assists in obtaining all secret knowledge and honors.


is ready to serve, and appears in the form of a youth. He is willing to serve in all skilled arts, and gives the spiritus Servos, otherwise called "familiars." He brings treasures from the earth and from the deep very quickly.


is a master of all arts and all secret knowledge, a great master of all treasure. He is very accommodating, and appears with alacrity in the form of a wild hog.


is a prince of the water and mountain spirits and their treasures. He is amiable and wears a large pearl crown.


appears in the form of a serpent of paradise. He confers great wealth and honors according to wish.


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