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The Mysteries of Infernal Evocation according to the Grand Grimoire

§ 1. The Rite of Lucifuge

THE Grand Grimoire divides with the Grimoire of Honorius the darksome honour of an intelligible and unmutilated Ritual of Black Magic. Each after its own kind is indeed an exceedingly curious work. In the first is contained what is probably the only printed method of making pacts; the second is remarkable, firstly, on account of its pretended origin and the elaboration with which it is set forth, secondly, for the ecclesiastical complexion of its process, which can scarcely have failed to impose upon some credulous and priestly sorcerers of the illiterate kind, and assuming their willingness to disgrace the vows of ordination. Both require, in a study of the present kind, to be printed almost in extenso, and, setting aside their preliminary portions, already adequately dealt with, they are given practically verbatim in the chapters which here follow.

It will be remembered that the operator, or Karcist, as he is termed in the Grand Grimoire, is recommended continence, fasting and similar privations for an entire quarter of the moon, such quarter coinciding with that of the luminary. On the morning which succeeds the first night of the quarter, he must repair to a druggist's, and purchase a blood-stone, called Ematille

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[paragraph continues] (id est, Hæmatites), which must be carried continually about him for fear of accident, and in expectation that the spirit whom it is proposed to compel and bind will henceforth do all in his power to overwhelm the operator with terror, so as to incite him to abandon the enterprise, hoping in this manner to escape from the wiles which are beginning, to be woven about him.

The next operation is the purchase of a virgin kid, which must be decapitated on the third day of the moon. Previously to the sacrifice, a garland of vervain must be wound about the neck of the animal, immediately below the head, and secured by means of a green ribbon. The sacrifice must be offered on the scene of the coming evocation, a forlorn and isolated spot free from all interruption. There, with the right arm bared to the shoulder, having armed himself with a blade of fine steel, and having kindled a fire of white wood, the Karcist shall recite the following words in a hopeful and animated manner:--


I immolate this victim to Thee., O grand ADONAY, ELOIM, ARIEL and JEHOVAM, to the honour, glory and Power of Thy Name, which is superior to all Spirits. O grand ADONAY I Vouchsafe to receive it as an acceptable offering. Amen.

Here he must cut the throat of the kid, skin it, set the body on the fire and reduce it to ashes, which must be collected and cast towards the rising of the sun, at the same time repeating the following words:--It is to the honour, glory and dominion of Thy Name, O grand ADONAY, ELOIM. ARIEL, JEHOVAM, that I spill the blood of this victim! Vouchsafe, O Thou grand ADONAY, to receive its ashes as an acceptable sacrifice.

While the victim is being consumed by the flames, the

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operator shall rejoice in the honour and glory of the grand ADONAY, ELOIM, ARIEL and JEHOVAM, taking care to preserve the skin of the virgin kid to form the round or grand Kabalistic circle, in which he must himself stand on the day of the supreme enterprise.

The sacrifice of the victim is followed by the selection and composition of the Blasting Rod, of which a description has been given. From the purpose for which it is intended, and from the silence of the Grimoire, it may be inferred that the preparation of the goatskin is exceedingly simple and does not involve the removal of the hair.

When the night of action has arrived, the operator shall gather up his rod, goatskin, the stone called Ematille, and shall further provide himself with two vervain crowns, two candlesticks and two candles of virgin wax, made by a virgin girl and duly blessed. Let him take also a new steel and two new flints, with sufficient tinder to kindle a fire, likewise half a bottle of brandy, some blessed incense and camphor, and four nails from the coffin of a dead child. All these must be carried to the place chosen for the great work, where everything hereinafter laid down must be scrupulously performed and the dread Kabalistic circle must be described in an accurate manner. Lastly, it must be carefully borne in mind that there should be either one or three taking part in the ceremony, the Karcist included, who is the person appointed to address the spirit, holding the Destroying Rod in his hand. The evoking process may be given in the actual words of the Grimoire.


You must begin by forming a circle with strips of kid's skin, fastened to the ground by means of your four nails. Then with

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the stone called Ematille you must trace the triangle within the circle, beginning at the eastern point. A large A, a small E, a small A, and a small J, must be drawn in like manner, as also the sacred name of Jesus between two crosses. By this means the spirits will have no power to harm you from behind The Karcist and his assistants may then fearlessly proceed to


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their places within the triangle, and, regardless of any noises, may set the two candlesticks and the two vervain crowns on the right and left sides of the triangle within the circle. This being done, the two candles may be lighted, taking care that there is a new brazier in front of the Karcist, piled with newly consecrated charcoal. This must be kindled by the Karcist casting a small quantity of the brandy therein and a part of the camphor, the rest being reserved to feed the fire periodically, in proportion to the length of the business. Having punctually performed all that is mentioned above, the chief operator may

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repeat the following prayer:--I Present Thee, O great ADONAY, this incense as the purest I can obtain; in like manner, I present Thee this charcoal prepared from the most ethereal of woods. I offer them, O grand and omnipotent ADONAY, ELOIM, ARIEL and JEHOVAM, With my whole soul and my whole heart. Vouchsafe, O great ADONAY, to receive them as an acceptable holocaust. Amen.


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You should also be careful, says the Grimoire, to have no alloyed metal about your person, except a gold or silver coin wrapped in paper, which you must fling to the spirit when he appears outside the circle, so as to prevent him from harming you. While he is picking up the coin, begin promptly the following prayer, fortifying yourself with courage, energy and prudence. Be, also, especially careful that the Karcist is the sole speaker; the assistants must preserve a determined silence, even if they are questioned or menaced by the spirit.

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O great and living God, subsisting in one and the same person, the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost; I adore Thee with the deepest veneration., and I submit with the liveliest confidence to Thy holy and sufficient Protection. I believe with the most sincere faith that Thou art my Creator, my Benefactor, my Preserver and my Lord, and I testify to Thy sovereign Majesty that my sole desire is to belong to Thee through the whole of eternity. So be it. Amen.


O great and living God, Who hast created man to enjoy felicity in this life, Who hast adapted all things for his necessities, and didst declare that everything should be made subject to his will, be favourable to this my design, and permit not the rebellious spirits to be in Possession of those treasures which were formed by Thine own hands for our temporal requirements. Grant me, O great God, the power to dispose of them by the potent and terrific names in Thy Clavicle: ADONAY, ELOIM, ARIEL, JEHOVAM, TAGLA, MATHON, be ye propitious unto me. So be it. Amen.


I offer Thee this incense as the purest which I have been able to obtain, O sublime ADONAY, ELOIM, ARIEL and JEHOVAM; vouchsafe to receive it as an acceptable holocaust. Incline to me in Thy Power, and enable me to succeed in this great enterprise. So be it. Amen.

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Addressed to the Emperor Lucifer

Emperor Lucifer, Master and Prince of Rebellious Spirits, I adjure thee to leave thine abode, in whatsoever quarter of the world it may be situated, and come hither to communicate with me. I command and I conjure thee in the Name of the Mighty living God, Father, Son and Holy Ghost, to appear without noise and without any evil smell, to respond in a clear and intelligible voice, point by Point, to all that I shall ask thee, failing which, thou shall be most surely compelled to obedience by the Power of the divine ADONAY, ELOIM, ARIEL, JEHOVAM, TAGLA, MATHON, and by the whole hierarchy of superior intelligences, who shall constrain thee against thy will. Venité, Venité! Submiritillor Lucifuge, or eternal torment shall overwhelm thee, by the great Power of this Blasting Rod. In subito.


I command and I adjure thee, Emperor Lucifer, as the representative of the mighty living God, and by the power of Emanuel, His only Son, Who is thy master and mine, and by the virtue of His precious blood, which He shed to redeem mankind from thy chains, I command thee to quit thine abode, wheresoever it may be, swearing that I will give thee one quarter of an hour alone, if thou dost not straightway come hither and communicate with me in an audible and intelligible voice, or, if thy Personal presence be impossible, despatch me thy Messenger Astarôt in a human form, without either noise or evil smell, failing which I will smite thee and thy whole race with the terrible Blasting Rod into the depth of the bottomless abysses, and that by the Power of those great words in the Clavicle--By ADONAY,

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Notice.--Before uttering the third Conjuration, should the spirit refuse to comply, read what follows in the Clavicle, and smite all the spirits by plunging both the forked extremities of your rod into the flames. Be not alarmed in so doing at the frightful howls which you may hear, for at this extreme moment all the spirits will manifest. Then, before reading the Clavicle, and in the midst of the commotion, recite the third Conjuration.


I adjure thee, Emperor Lucifer, as the agent of the strong living God, of His beloved Son and of the Holy Ghost, and by the Power of the Great ADONAY, ELOIM, ARIEL and JEHOVAM, to appear instantly, or to send thy Messenger Astarôt, forcing thee to forsake thy hiding-place, wheresoever it may be, and warning thee that if thou dost not manifest this moment, I will straightway smite thee and all thy race with the Blasting Rod of the great ADONAY, ELOIM, ARIEL and JEHOVAM, &c.

At this point, should the spirit still fail to appear, plunge the two ends of your rod a second time into the flames, and recite the following potent words from the grand Clavicle of Solomon:--


Extracted from the Veritable Clavicle

I adjure thee, O Spirit! by the Power of the grand ADONAY, to appear instanter, and by ELOIM, by ARIEL, by JEHOVAM, by AQUA, TAGLA, MATHON, OARIOS, ALMOAZIN, ARIOS, MEMBROT,

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After a second repetition of these sublime and powerful words, you may be sure--as the deposition affirms--that the spirit will respond after the ensuing manner.

Of the Manifestation of the Spirit

Lo, I am here! What dost thou seek of me? Why dost thou disturb my repose? Smite me no more with that dread rod!


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Reply to the Spirit

Hadst thou appeared when I first invoked thee, I had by no means smitten thee; remember, if the request which I make thee be refused, I am determined to torment thee eternally.


The Spirit's Answer

Torment me no further. Say, rather, what thou dost require at my hands.


The Requisition

I require that thou shalt communicate two several times on each night of the week, either with myself or with those who are entrusted with my present Book, the which thou shalt approve and sign; I permit thee the choice of those hours which may suit thee, if thou approvest not those which I now enumerate. To wit:

On Monday at nine o'clock and at midnight.

On Tuesday at ten o'clock and at one in the morning.

On Wednesday at eleven o'clock and at two in the morning.

On Thursday at eight and ten o'clock.

On Friday at seven in the evening and at midnight.

On Saturday at nine in the evening and at eleven at night.

Further, I command thee to surrender me the nearest treasure, and I promise thee as a reward the first Piece of gold or silver which I touch with my hands on the first day of every month. Such is my demand.


The Spirit's Reply

I cannot comply with thy request on such terms, nor on any

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others, unless thou shalt give thyself over to me in fifty years, to do with thy body and soul as I please.


Rejoinder to the Spirit

Lo, will I smite thee and thy whole race, by the might of great Adonay, if, on the contrary, thou dost not comply with my request.

Notice.--Here plunge the points of the Blasting Rod into the fire and repeat the Grand Conjuration of the Clavicle till the spirit surrenders himself to your will.

Answer and Compliance of the Spirit

Smite me no further; I Pledge myself to do what thou desirest two several times on every night of the week. To wit:

On Monday at ten o'clock and at midnight.

On Tuesday at eleven o'clock and at one in the morning.

On Wednesday at midnight and at two in the morning.

On Thursday at eight and at eleven o'clock.

On Friday at mine o'clock and at midnight.

On Saturday at ten o'clock and at one in the morning.

I also approve thy Book, and I give thee my true signature on parchment, which thou shalt affix at its end, to make use of at thy need. Further, I place myself at thy disposition, to appear before thee at thy call when, being purified, and holding the dreadful Blasting Rod, thou shalt open the Book, having described the Kabalistic circle and pronounced the word Rofocale. I promise thee to have friendly commerce with those who are fortified by the Possession of the said Book, where my true signature stands, provided that they invoke me according to rule, on the first occasion that they require me. I also engage to

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deliver thee the treasure which thou seekest, on condition that thou keepest the secret for ever inviolable, art charitable to the Poor and dost give me a gold or silver coin on the first day of every month. If thou failest, thou art mine everlastingly.



Reply to the Spirit

I agree to, thy conditions.



Follow me, and come lay thy hands on the treasure.

Thereupon the Karcist, armed with the Blasting Rod and the stone called Ematille, shall issue from the circle at that point where the door of mighty Adonay is figured, and shall follow the spirit; the assistants, however, shall not stir one step from the circle, but shall remain firm and immovable within it, whatever reports they hear, whatever visions they behold. The spirit shall then conduct the Karcist to the vicinity of the treasure, when it may befall that the Karcist shall behold the apparition of a large and fierce dog, with a collar as resplendent as the sun. This will be a Gnome, which he can drive off by the point of his rod, when the apparition will make off towards the treasure. The Karcist must follow, and, on reaching the treasure, will be astonished to discover the person who has hidden it, who also will endeavour to grapple with him, but will be unable so much as to approach him. The Karcist must be provided with a sheet of virgin parchment inscribed with the grand conjuration of the Clavicle. This he must cast upon the treasure, grasping one of its coins at the same

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moment as a pledge and a surety, and previously flinging down a piece of his own money bitten by his own teeth, after which he may retire, walking backwards and carrying away what he can of the treasure. The rest cannot escape him after the above precautions. He must, however, take heed not to turn round, whatever noise he may hear, for at this critical moment it will truly seem as if all the mountains in the world were being precipitated upon him. He must for this cause be fortified with special intrepidity, must take fright at nothing but keep perfectly firm. So acting, he will be led back by the Spirit to the entrance of the circle. Then shall the Karcist recite the following discharge of the Spirit.


O Prince Lucifer, I am, for the time, contented with thee. I now leave thee in peace, and permit thee to retire wheresoever it may seem good to thee, so it be without noise and without leaving any evil smell behind thee. Be mindful, however, of our engagement, for shouldst thou fail in it, even for a moment, be assured that I shall eternally smite thee with the Blasting Rod of the great ADONAY, ELOIM, ARIEL and JEHOVAM. Amen.


O Omnipotent God, Who hast created all things for the service and convenience of men, we return Thee most humble thanks for the benefits which, in Thy great bounty, Thou hast poured out on us during this night of Thine inestimable favours, wherein Thou hast granted us according to our desires. Now, O Almighty God, have we realised all the scope of Thy great promises, when Thou didst say to as. Seek and ye shall find, knock and

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it shall be opened unto you. And as Thou hast commanded and warned us to succour the poor, we promise Thee, in the Presence of the great ADONAY, ELM, ARIEL and JEHOVAM, to be charitable and to pour out on them the beneficent beams of the Sun with which those four Potent divinities have enriched us. So be it. Amen.


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