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XVII. Gives all talents and a profound knowledge of every art, so that the possessor will outshine the toil-worn experts

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though unqualified by scholarship. Hereof are the advantages of an art which--speaking generally concerning it--is nothing except practical and the quality of its claims is not strained. The talisman, which must be carried on the person, should be of white satin embroidered with black silk. The operative words are: RITAS, ONALUN, TERSORIT, OMBAS, SERPITAS, QUITATHAR, ZAMARATH, specifying the art which it is desired to possess.


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The characters should be graven on the inner side of the Ring.


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The characters should be graven on the inner side of the Ring.


XVIII. Gives good fortune in any lottery. The talisman is of cerise-coloured satin embroidered with gold and silver. It should be bound upon the left arm by means of a white ribbon, and the ring must be on the little finger of the right hand. The words are: ROKES for a winning number, PILATUS for an ambes-ace, ZOTOAS for a denary, TULITAS for a quaternary,

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[paragraph continues] XATANITOS for a quinary, being careful to pronounce all the words at the quine--an instruction which I do not quite grasp, but if the art or science of the lottery is followed at this day under the old laws, I commend the question to those who are experts therein. This is one of the lesser mysteries of occultism. At cards the same potent formula should be repeated when shuffling for self or partner. Before beginning, touch your left arm with your right hand in the neighbourhood of the talisman, and kiss the ring. These little contrivances can be effected, says the honest Grimoire, without exciting the notice of your opponent.

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