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§ 3. The Pauline Art

If the intimation of the last section be accepted as a working hypothesis in respect of the Lemegeton, and if its third and fourth books be therefore set apart as accretions, there is possibly some colourable pretence for placing The Pauline Art among composite Rituals. It is very difficult to speak certainly, as what is offered in the work is the Ritual for the Invocation of the Angels of Day and Night, the Angels of the Twelve Signs and those of the Zodiacal degrees, who are termed Angels of Men. There is, however, no distinct account either of their offices or qualities, except in the case of the last, as to whom it appears that their intervention can be sought only for purposes which are in consonance with the laws of God and the good of mankind generally. It is an and document largely consisting of name catalogues, but as for this reason it is possible to present it shortly, and as it counts for something in the literature, I shall give it in the following form.


The Ruler of the First Hour is SAMAEL, who has 444 serving spirits under eight leaders, namely: Arniniel, Charpon, Daresiel, Monasiel, Brumiel, Nestoriel, Charmeas, Meresijn.

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The Ruler of the Second Hour is ANAEL, who has under his control ten chief and one hundred lesser lords. These in their turn command serving spirits. The chiefs include Monarchas, Archiel and Chardiel; the subalterns include Orphiel, Carsiol, Elmoym, Quosiel, Ermosiel, Graniel.

The Ruler of the Third Hour is VEGUANIEL, under whom are twenty chief officers, two hundred lesser officers and a cloud of serving spirits. The chief officers include Murriel, Leosiel, Drelmeth, Sardiniel; among the lesser officers are Parmiel, Comadiel, Glmarij, Hantiel, Serviel, Furiel.

The Ruler of the Fourth Hour is VACHMIEL, who has ten chief and one hundred inferior officers, having many serving spirits. The chiefs include Ammiel, Larmiel, Marfiel, Ormijel, Sardiel, and the inferiors Emarfiel, Permiel, Quoriel, Sturbiel, Daniel.

The Ruler of the Fifth Hour is SAZQUIEL, having ten chief and one hundred lesser officers, each with attendants. The chiefs include Damiel, Armarele, Maroch, Serapiel, Fustiel, and the inferiors Jamersil, Futiniel, Ramisiel, Amisiel, Pubrisiel.

The Ruler of the Sixth Hour is SAMIL, who has ten chief and one hundred lesser officers, with a vast concourse of serving spirits. Among the chiefs are Araebel, Charuch, Medussusiel, Nathaniel, Perniel, and among the subordinates Jamiel, Joustriel, Sameon, Farsiel, Zamion.

The Ruler of the Seventh Hour is BARGINIEL, having also ten officers and one hundred subalterns, among whom are Abrasiel, Farmos, Nosteri, Mamiel, Sagiel, for the chief, and Harmiel, Nastoro, Varmaj, Tusmas, Crociel, as inferior examples.

The Ruler of the Eighth Hour is OSGAEBIAL, who has many chief and subordinate officers and a great cloud of

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serving spirits. Among the chiefs are Sarfiel, Amatino, Choriel, Mosiel, Lanthros, and among the subalterns Demaros, Osmajloel, Januviel, Vernael, Thribiel.

The Ruler of the Ninth Hour is VADRIEL, having ten chief and one hundred lesser officers and serving spirits even as the sands of the sea. The greater include Astroniel, Charms, Pamerif, Damiel, Madriel; among the lesser are Kremos, Meros, Brasiel, Nafarin, Zoigmiel.

The Ruler of the Tenth Hour is ORIEL, who has ten cohorts of officers presiding over many serving spirits. These orders include Armesi, Darbiel, Panales, Mesriel, Chorob, Lemure, Ormas, Charnij, Zazior, Namon--being one of each choir.

The Ruler of the Eleventh Hour is BARIEL, whose army is similarly divided, and as typical specimens of the ten orders there are Almariz, Pralimiel, Chardros, Furmiel, Lamie, Menafiel, Demasar, Ormary, Hevas, Zemoel.

The Ruler of the Twelfth Hour is BERATIEL, whose officers are divided into twelve orders, some greater and some lesser, the examples of each being--in the first class, Cameron, Altrofiel, Penatiel, Demarae, Famaris; and in the second, Pharniel, Nerostiel, Emarson, Voizia, Sameron.


The Negotia perambulantia in tenebris are more numerous than those of the daylight. They are divided under their respective Supreme Rulers into six chief and six secondary orders, and the serving spirits are proportionately great in number.

The First Hour. Supreme Ruler--GAMIEL. The chief officers include Moriel, Garthiel, Sepharon, Mousien, Arathiel,

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[paragraph continues] Cosel. Lesser officers: Zanias, Noxin, Tempast, Farion, Glaras, Belsal.

The Second Hour. Supreme Ruler--FARRIS. The chief officers include Almodar, Tamarid, Nedros, Ormisiel, Chabril, Praxil. Lesser officers: Permaz, Umeroz, Emaril, Fromezin, Ramasiel, Granozin.

The Third Hour. Supreme Ruler--SARQUAMICH. The chief officers include Meriarijm, Crusiel, Penarys, Amriel, Dencinoz, Nestozoz. Lesser officers: Evanel, Sarmezin, Haglon, Uvabriel, Thymitzod, Fromzon.

The Fourth Hour. Supreme Ruler--JEFISCHA. The chief officers include Armesiel, Nedruel, Maneij, Ormael, Phorsiel, Rimezin. Lesser officers: Rayziel, Gemezin, Fremiel, Hamayzod, Japnoill, Lamediel.

The Fifth Hour. Supreme Ruler--ABASDARHON. The chief officers include Moniel, Charby, Apiniel, Dematron, Nechoxim, Hameriel. Lesser officers: Harptzall, Chrymos, Patrozin, Nameton, Barmas, Phatiel.

The Sixth Hour. Supreme Ruler--ZAAZONASH. The chief officers include Menorita, Prenostix, Namedor, Cheratiel, Dramazod, Fuleriel. Lesser officers: Pammon, Dracon, Gemtzod, Enariel, Rudosor, Salmon.

The Seventh Hour. Supreme Ruler--MENDRION. The chief officers include Ammiel, Choriel, Genaritzod, Pendroz, Memsiel, Ventariel. Lesser officers: Zacharel, Razziel, Tarmitzod, Anapion, Framoch, Machmay.

The Eighth Hour. Supreme Ruler--NARCORIEL. The chief officers: Cambill, Nedarijin, Astrocon, Marifiel, Dramozin, Amelzom. Lesser officers: Hanoziz, Gastrion, Thomax, Hebrazym, Zimeloz, Gamsiel.

The Ninth Hour. Supreme Ruler--NACORIEL. The chief officers, not subdivided: Adrapen, Chermes, Fenadros, Vemasiel,

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[paragraph continues] Comary, Demanor, Nameal, Maliel, Hanozoz, Brandiel, Evandiel, Iamariel.

The Tenth Hour: JUSGUARIN. The chief officers ten, including Lapheriel, Emerziel, Mameroijud, Lesser officers one hundred, including Chameray, Hazamil, Vraniel.

The Eleventh Hour: DARDARIEL. The great officers include Cardiel, Permon, Armiel, Hastoriel, Casmiros, Dumariel, Tumoriel. Lesser officers: Hermas, Druchas, Charman, Elamiz, Ialcoajul, Lamersij, Hamarytzod.

The Twelfth Hour: SARINDIEL. The chief officers include Adoniel, Darmosiel, Ambriel, and the lesser officers Nefrias, Irmanotzod, Melanos. There are others cited, but the list is confused in my example and these will serve all purposes of enumeration.

The Angels of the Twelve Signs--classing the latter according to the elementary triplicities--are: Fiery Triplicity: Aries--Angel = Aiel; Leo--Angel = Ol; Sagittarius--Angel = Sizajasel. Airy Triplicity: Gemini--Angel = Giel; Libra--Angel = Jael; Aquarius--Angel = Ausiul. Watery Triplicity: Cancer--Angel = Cael; Scorpio--Angel = Sosol; Pisces--Angel = Pasiel. Earthy Triplicity: Taurus--Angel = Tual; Virgo--Angel = Voil; Capricornus-Angel = Casujoiah.

But the supreme zodiacal presidency is allocated to the archangels as follows: for the Fiery Triplicity, Michael; for the Airy Triplicity, Raphael; for the Watery Triplicity, Gabriel; for the Earthy Triplicity, Uriel. This follows all the traditional precedents. It is impossible to cite here the so-called angels or genii of men who govern the zodiacal degrees to the number of 360. They are exemplified by the ruling archangels, whose invocation does not seem to be possible, and by the spirits attendant on these, as, for example: Asajel, Sochiel and Cassiel, of the Earthy Triplicity; Samael,

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[paragraph continues] Madiel and Mael, of the Watery Triplicity; and so forth. These will suffer citation, but the success of the Pauline experiments generally will depend (a.) upon the construction of the seals attributed to the twenty-four ruling hours of the day and night, which seals must exhibit the proper astrological signs referable to the day and hour of each intelligence; (b.) upon the use, when invocation takes place, of the proper planetary perfumes; (c.) upon the astrological seals referable to the chief intelligences of the Twelve Signs under the presidency of the

four great archangels; (d.) upon a consecrated crystal into which the zodiacal spirits must be called by the operator; and (e.) upon the ceremonial use of the invoking formulæ, specimens of which are as follows.


Invocation of a Supreme Ruler

O mighty and potent Prince Samael, who art the ruler and governor of the first hour of the day by the decree of the Most High God, King of Glory; I, the servant of the Most High, do desire and entreat you by three great and potent names of God, ADONAI, AGLAON, TETRAGRAMMATON, and by the Power and virtue thereof, to assist me in my affairs, and by your power and authority to send me, causing to appear before me, all or any of the angels whom I shall call by name, the same being. resident under your government. I do further entreat and require that they shall help in all matters which accord with their office, even as I shall desire, and that they shall act for me as for the servant of the Most High. Amen.


The ceremony is performed facing towards that quarter of heaven in which the sign is situated.

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O thou great and blessed angel N., my angel guardian, vouchsafe to descend from thy holy mansions bringing thy holy influence and presence into this crystal stone, that I may behold thy glory and enjoy thy society and aid, both now and evermore. O thou that art higher than the fourth heaven, thou who knowest the secrets of ELANEL, thou who ridest on the wings of the wind and art endowed with superlunary motion; do thou descend and be present, I pray thee. If ever I have merited thy society, if my intentions are pure in thy sight, bring hither thine eternal Presence; deign to hold commune with me, in the name of the Great God JEHOVAH, to Whom the whole choir of heaven continually sings: O MAPPA LA MAN, Hallelujah. Amen.

By the proper observation of the rules laid down in the Pauline Art respecting the Angels of Men, and on the assumption that he is acquainted with the actual minute of his birth, it is said that the operator may attain to all arts and sciences, even to the sum of wisdom. In a word, it is the royal road of knowledge, both in the theoretical and the practical degrees.

Of such is Astronomical Magic, according to the Lemegeton and its dependencies. It does not differ essentially from the system of the Enochian Tablets followed by John Dee and Edward Kelley, his skryer, as found in the Faithful Relation. The same observation will apply to the content of the next section, which may be permitted to follow without further preface.

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