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(a) The Symbols of this Chapter are manifested by the Evil Spirits only.

(b) ASTAROT performs the Operations hereof.

(c) The Familiar Spirits can to an extent perform the Operations of this Chapter.

(d) No especial instructions are given regarding this Chapter by Abraham the Jew.

(e) No. 1 consists of 12 Squares taken from a Square of 25 Squares. NAVEH means "a house or habitation".

No. 2 consists of 12 Squares from a Square of 25. QAQAH = "to make void or empty".

No. 3 consists of 15 Squares from a Square of 49 Squares. COMAHON means "a stronghold".

No. 4 consists of a Gnomon of 16 Squares from a Square of 36 Squares. BINIAM means "in affliction".

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