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p. 227


(a) The Symbols of this Chapter are manifested only by the Evil Spirits.

(b) BELZEBUD performs the Operations hereof.

(c) The Familiar Spirits cannot well execute the Operations of this Chapter.

(d) Abraham warns strongly against use being made of this Operation. The Symbols should be either buried or concealed in places where the persons we wish to harm are likely to pass by; or, if possible, we can touch them with the Symbol.

(e) No. 1 consists of 17 from a Square of 49 Squares. QELADIM means "those who creep in insidiously".

No. 2 consists of 19 Squares from a Square of 49 Squares. BEHEMOT = "Beasts".

No. 3 consists of 18 Squares from a Square of 49. MEBASIM = "those that stamp down violently".

No. 4 is a Square of 25 Squares.

CASED, Hebrew (if used in a bad sense) = "overflowing of unrestrained lust".
AZOTE, Hebrew "enduring".
BOROS, = Greek = "Devouring, gluttonous."
ETOSA, = Greek = "idle, useless".
DEBAC, = Hebrew = "to overtake and stick close."

No. 5 consists of 14 Squares from a Square of 36. LEBHAH implies, "Agony at the heart".

No. 6 consists of 17 Squares. QARAQAK = "thy baldness," also "thy rending asunder".

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