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(a) The Symbols of this Chapter are manifested only by the Angels or by the Guardian Angel.

(b) AMAIMON performs the Operations hereof.

(c) The Familiar Spirits can to an extent perform the Operations of this Chapter.

(d) The bandages of the sick person having been undone and cleaned, and the unguent, the compresses, and the bandages having been replaced, put the Symbol upon them and leave it for about a quarter of an hour, then take it away, and keep it for use upon another occasion. But if it be an internal malady, you must place the Symbol (the written part downwards) upon the bare head of the patient.--

p. 214

[paragraph continues] These Symbols may be seen and examined without any danger, yet it is always better that they should neither be seen nor handled by any other person than yourself.

(e) No. 1 consists of 20 Squares taken from a Square of 49 Squares.--TSARAAT = "a stroke or plague; the leprosy".

No. 2 consists of 4 Squares from a Square of 16.--BUAH signifies to clear away.

No. 3, a Square of 64 Squares.--METSORAH signifies "flowing sores or ulcers".

No. 4 is a Square of 36 Squares.--RECHEM means "closely seizing".

No. 5 is a Square of 25 Squares.--ROKEA signifies general evil.

No. 6 is a Square of 25 Squares.--BETEM = "the internal parts".

No. 7 is a Square of 36 Squares-BEBHER = "in purifying or cleansing".

No. 8 is a Square of 25 Squares-ELEOS, the Greek word HALS = "the Sea from its saltness".--ELOS means "calm still water".

No. 9 is a Square of 49 Squares.--KADAKAT means "vertigo, turning of the head".

No. 10 is a Square of 49 Squares-ROGAMOS from Latin Rogamus, "we pray".

No. 11 is a Square of 25 Squares.--SITUR means "secret".

No. 12 is a Square of 36 Squares-HAPPIR means "to shatter or break".

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