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(a) The Symbols of this Chapter are manifested in part by the Angels, and in part also by the Evil Spirits.

(b) ORIENS, PAIMON, ARITON, and AMAIMON execute the Operations hereof by means of their common Ministers.

(c) The Familiar Spirits cannot well execute the Operations of this Chapter.

(d) Name the place aloud to which you wish to travel, and place the Symbol upon your head under the bonnet or the hat; but take well heed that it does not fall from you, which would be very dangerous. Do not as a rule travel by night; and select a calm and serene day for the Operation.

(e) No. 1 is a Square of 25 Squares. TASMA implies protection. TRMS is the Hebrew word used in the verse, "Thou shalt go upon the Lion and the Adder".

No. 2 consists of 8 Squares taken from a Square of 16. ANAN means "great labour".

No. 3 is a Square of 25 Squares. HOLOP means "to travel".

No. 4 is a Square of 16 Squares. ODAC means "to pass on from one place to another".

No. 5 is a Square of 25 Squares. ROLOR is perhaps from ROL "to move hurriedly".

No. 6 is a Square of 25 Squares. NATSA means "to flee or fly quickly".

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