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(a) The Symbols of this Chapter are manifested only by the Angels, or by the Guardian Angel.

(b) ASHTAROTH and ASMODEUS together execute the Operations of this Chapter.

(c) The Familiar Spirits cannot well execute the Operations of this Chapter.

(d) No especial instructions are given regarding this Chapter in the Second Book.

(e) No. 1 is a Gnomon of 11 Squares taken from a Square of 36 Squares. METALO from Greek METALLON = in metal, mineral, or mining work.

No. 2 is a Square of 36 Squares. TABBAT, Chaldaic ThIBVTh = Heads or Sections of classification of operations. ARUUCA perhaps from ARUQ, adhering to.

p. 186

No. 3 is a Square of 49 Squares.--IPOMANO, probably from Greek HIPPOMANES, an ingredient used in philtres, etc., perhaps put here for chemical drugs in general.

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