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1. Heraldry, Heralds' College, Lyon King-at-Arms, Norroy, Clarencieux, Coats of Arms, Supporters, Mottoes, Emblems.--2. The Royal Arms of Great Britain: the Three Lions of England, the Lion of Scotland, the Harp of Ireland; the Rose, Thistle, Shamrock, and Leek; "Dieu et Mon Droit," "Honi Soit Qui Mal y Pense;" the Lion and Unicorn.--3. The Plume of Ostrich Feathers, "Ich Dien."--4. The Fleur-de-Lis.--5. Red the Royal Colour of England.--6. The Royal Champion.--7. The Orb and Sceptre.--8. Touching for the King's Evil.--9. Patriarchs, the Monarchical System of Government.--10. Eastern Monarchs.--11. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon.--12. The Bull in Pagan Worship.--13. Prohibited Foods.--14. Mohammedan Women not considered Soulless Creatures.--15. The Fast of Ramadan.--16. The Sabbath: Jewish, Christian, and Mohammedan.--17. Tithes.--18. Roman Catholic Ritual: the Altar, Corporal, Candles, Crucifix, Chalice, Patten, Vestments, Amice, Maniple, Stole, Girdle, Chasuble. Colour of the Vestments: Red, Purple, White, Black, Green.--19. Incense.--20. Holy Water.--21. Why the Mass is said in Latin.--22. The Nimbus, or "Glory" in Christian Art--23. Placing the Altar at the East End of Churches.--24. The Papal Tiara.--25. The Bishop's Mitre.--26. The Crosier and Crook.--27. The Tonsure.--28. Signet Rings.--29. Why the Pope takes a New Name on Election.--30. Why Cardinals Wear Red Hats.--31. The Franciscans no longer the Grey Friars.--32. The Servites.--33. The Little Sisters of the Poor.--34. Taking the Veil.--35. Bell, Book, and Candle employed for Excommunication.



36. Flags and Banners, Ensigns and Standards, the Roman Eagle, the Two-headed Eagle, the Dragon, the Crescent, the Red Flag, the Flag of Truce, the Roman S. P. Q. R. Banner.--37. The Royal Standard of Great Britain, the Union Jack, Derivation of the term "Jack."--38. The Tricolour.--39. The Stars and Stripes.--40. The Broom tied to the Masthead, the Pennant.--41. The Fleur-de-Lis on the Mariner's Compass.--42. Three Men always stationed on a British Lighthouse. --43. "Crossing the Line."--44. "Ahoy!"--45. "Heave-oh!"--46. The Scarab engraved on Rings worn by Egyptian Soldiers.--47. Military Observances: Firing a Salute, Presenting Arms, Lowering Swords, Surrendering the Sword.--48. Origin of the Military Salute.--49. Trooping of the Colours.--50. The Military Nickname "Lobsters."--51. The Word "Lieutenant."--52. Hussar Uniforms: the Right Sleeve of the Outer Tunic not used, the Scarlet Cloth on the Busby.--53. The Broad Arrow.--54. The Left Hand the Military Place of Honour in Turkey, Why we are Right-handed.



55. The Law Terms, Grand or Gaudy Days.--56. The Long Vacation.--57. "Messe Rouge."--58. The Lawyer's Wig and Gown.--59. "John Doe and Richard Roe."--60. Six-and-Eightpence.--61. Barristers' Bags.--62. Punctuation Omitted in Legal Documents.--63. Why an I O U should not be Dated.--64. The Nickname "The Devil's Own."--65. The City Sheriff.--66. The Judges' Scarlet Robes.--67. Gloves not Worn on the Bench.--68. A "Maiden Assize."--69. Refusing to Plead.--70. Ermine on Judges' Robes.--71. The Woolsack in the House of Lords.--72. The Speaker of the House of Commons, "Catching the Speaker's Eye."--73. The Mace.--74. Bishops in the House of Lords.--75. The Ladies' Gallery, the "Grille."--76. The Light on the Clock Tower.--77. The City Representatives.--78. "Moving the Previous Question."--79. "Read this Day Six Months."--80. A Privy Councillor styled "The Right Honourable."--81. The Ministerial Whitebait Dinner.--82. Wearing the Hat in Parliament.--83. The Chiltern Hundreds.



84. Old London Bridge built upon Woolpacks.--85. The City "Griffin."--86. The Dragon on Bow Church.--87. The Grasshopper on the Royal Exchange.--88. Tavern and Tradesmen's Signs.--89. The Three Brass Balls.--90. The Barber's Pole.--91. The Black Doll.--92. The Chemist's Coloured Globes, the Phoenix, the Pestle and Mortar, the Doctor's Red Lamp.--93. The Scottish Highlander, the Little Caribb.--94. The Draper's Farthing Change.--95. The Lion's Head on Drinking Fountains.--96. "Ancient Lights."--97. Modern Clubs, the United Service Club.--98. Taking the Outside Edge of the Pavement.--99. "Near Side," "Off Side," "Wo! "--100. The Alexandra Limp, the Grecian Bend.--101. A Lady's Curtsey.--102. Shaking Hands, Ungloving the Hand.-103. Uncovering the Head, Raising the Hat, Removing the Slippers.--104. The Blue-Coat Boys' Costume.--105. The Fardingale, Hoop Skirts, the Crinoline.-106. Origin of the Fan.-107. Patches.--108. Powdering the Hair.--109. Dressing the Hair with Ribbons.--110. False Hair, the Wig, the Periwig.--111. Antipathy to Red Hair.--112. The Hair Worn "a la Guillotine."--113. The Chinaman's Pigtail.--114. The Long Fingernails of the Chinese, the Small Feet of Chinese Ladies.--115. Why Turkish Wives are Veiled when Walking Abroad.--116. Origin and Use of Tattooing.--117. The Cocked Hat, Cockades.--118. A White list formerly a political significance. --119. The Red Cap the Symbol of Liberty.--120. The Scottish Kilt.--121. Boots.--122. Stockings.--123. Scarlet Neckcloths worn by Railway Servants.--124. The Agricultural Labourer's Smock.--125. "Ladies and Gentlemen."--126. The Scottish Thumb Licking, to "Sign One's Name," " x his Murk."--127. Tobacco Chewing, American Girls' "Chewing Gum."--128. "Burying the Hatchet," Smoking the Calumet or Pipe of Peace.--129. The "Baker's Dozen."--130. The Saturday Half-Holiday, the Saturday Night's Marketing.--131. Making the "Grand Tour."132. American Heiresses.--133. Jews and Mohammedans.--134. Name Days.--135. The Language of Flowers.--136. Chinese and Japanese Pictures.--137. Family Portraits.--138. Grace at Meals, "Leave Some for Manners."--139. Dressing for Dinner.--140. Pudding Time.--141. Roast Lamb and Mint Sauce.--142. Table Napkins.--143. Origin of Dish-covers.--144. Story of the Willow-Pattern Plate.--145. Toothpicks.--146. Drinking Healths, Origin of the word "Toast."--147. The Loving Cup, the Grace Cup.--148. The Stirrup Cup.--149. The Spaniards' "Footbath."--150. "Miles's Boy."--151. "God Bless You!" at Sneezing.--152. "Kiss the Place and Make it Better."--153. "Sitting Round the Fire," the "Family Circle."--154. "The Three R's."--155. "An Englishman's House is his Castle."--156. "The Fourth Estate."--157. "A Nine Days' Wonder."--158. A Horseshoe Lucky.--159. The Number Thirteen.--160. The Friday Superstition.--161. Spilling the Salt.--162. Breaking a Looking-glass--163. Walking under a Ladder.--164. Looking Backward.--165. Making a Curtsey to the New Moon.--166. Tarring and leathering.--167. The Ducking-stool, or Cucking-stool.--168. The Brank, or Gossip's Bridle.--169. The Pillory.



170. Plighting Troths.--171. The Gimmal Ring, the Broken Coin, the Bent Coin, Why a Coin with a Hole in it is Lucky.--172. A Lock of Hair.--173. Lovers Sitting at their Mistress's Feet.--174. Espousals or Solemn Betrothals in Church, the Nuptial Kiss at the Altar, "Pledging" in a Cup of Wine.--175. Marriage by Capture, Why Female Infants are Sacrificed by Barbarous Tribes, Marriage by Purchase, "Giving Away the Bride."--176. Wedding Presents, a Knife or Pair of Scissors considered an Unlucky Present. --177. The Wedding-Ring, the Bracelet.--178. The Wedding-Ring Finger, the Medicated Finger. --179. The Best Man.--180. Bridesmaids and Groomsmen.--181. Origin of the Clergyman claiming to Kiss the Bride.--182. Publication of Banns.--183. Orange Blossoms.--184. The Bride's Wreath, the Coronet.--185. The Bride's Veil.--186. Marriage in the Church Porch.--187. The Wedding Breakfast.--188. The Wedding Cake.--189. The "Marriage in Chemise."--190. Tying the Nuptial Knot.--191. The Breaking of the Wine-Cup.--192. Scattering Nuts at a Roman Wedding, Sacrificing her Trinkets by a Japanese Bride.--193. Lifting the Bride over the Doorstep.--194. Unpopular and Ill-assorted Marriages.--195. Rice Throwing.--196. Throwing the Shoe after the Bride and Bridegroom.--197. The Honeymoon.--198. The Wife's Pin-Money.--199. The Dunmow Flitch of Bacon Custom.



200. The Death Rattle.--201. The Flag Half-Mast High.--202. Tolling the Church Bells, the Passing Bell--203. The Judge's Black Cap.--204. The Black Flag.--205. A Military Funeral.--206. The Mourning Colours of Nations: Black, White, Black and White Striped, Pale Brown, Greyish Brown, Sky-Blue, Purple.--207. Mourning Hat-Bands.--208. Widows' Caps.--209. The Piece of Crape on the Sleeve.--210. White Gloves for the Undertaker's Men.--211. Undertakers' Mutes.--212. Pall-Bearers.--213. Throwing a Handful of Earth on the Coffin.--214. Funeral Feasts, Viewing the Body at an Inquest.--215. Burial at the Cross Roads, the word "Funeral."--216. The Skull and Cross-bones in City Graveyards.--217. The Yew and Weeping Willow.--218. Monumental and Sepulchral Effigies: Saints and Martyrs, Holy Men, Founders of Chapels, Cross-legged Figures, Recumbent and Kneeling Figures, Husband and Wife, a Lion at the Feet, a Dog at the Feet, Kneeling Boys.--219. "Stop, Traveller! "--220. Jewish Burial Customs.--221. The Towers of Silence.--222. Embalming the Dead Body.--223. The Pyramids of Egypt.--224. The Catacombs of Rome.



225. Origin of the Drama: Tragedy, Comedy.--226. Pantomine, Ballet d'Action--227. The Italian Comedy, the Four Masks: Harlequin, Pantaloon, Brighella, or Clown, the Doctor, Why Harlequin Does not Speak, Topical Allusions.--228. The Dress and Painted Face of the Pantomime Clown, the Pantaloon's Dress, Harlequin's particoloured Dress, Black Mask and Wooden Bat.--229. The Pantomime "Opening," the Court Masques, the Puppet-shows, the Fairy Stories upon which Modern Pantomimes are founded, the Dark Scene, the Fairies and Demons.--230. Transformation Scenes.--231. The Opera, the First English Opera. --232. The Concert, the First English Concert.--233. Origin of Music Halls and Variety Entertainments.--234. The Court Fools and Jesters, Circus Clowns.--235. Origin of the Christy Minstrel Entertainment, a Secondary Object in the Use of Burnt Cork.--236. Playing the Audience Out with "God Save the Queen."--237. Why Women do not Applaud.--238. Equestrian Artistes Kissing the Hand to the Audience.--239. Why Musical Instruments are always Tuned up in the Orchestra.--240. Modern Theatre Construction.--241. Origin of the Panorama.--242. The Waxwork Show, "the Ragged Regiment" in Westminster Abbey, Origin of Madame Tussaud's Exhibition, the Chamber of Horrors.--243. Fairs and Wakes.--244. Origin of the Colours in the University Boat-race.--245. Why Eastern Shepherds Play on the Pipes.--246. Origin of Playing Cards: the Kings, Queens, Knaves, Hearts, Spades, Diamonds, and Clubs.--247. Chess. 248. Dominoes--249. Marbles.--250. Quoits.--251. Cock-fighting.



252. St. Genevieve.--253. St. Julian Hospitator.--254. St. Anthony.--255. St Sebastian.--256. St. Agnes.--257. St. Vincent.--258. St. Ignatius.-259. St. Blaise.--260. St. Agatha.--261. St. Dorothea of Cappadocia.--262. St. Apollonia of Alexandria.--263. St. Matthias.--264. St. David--25. St. Thomas Aquinas.--266. St. Longinus.--267. St. Gregory the Great.--268. St. Patrick.--269. St. Benedict.--270. St. Ambrose.--271. St George.--272. St. Mark.--273. St. Peter Martyr.--274. St. James the Less.--275. St. Philip.--276. St. Florian.--277. St. Victor of Milan.--278. St. Pancras.--279. St. John Nepomuck.--280. St. Yves of Bretagne.--281. St. Dunstan.--282. St. Bernardino of Sienna.--283. St. Elmo.--284. St. Boniface.--285. St. Barnabas.--286. St. Vitus.--287. St. Alban.--288. St. Martha.--289. St. Peter--290. St. Paul.--291. St. Anthony of Padua.--292. St. Phocas of Sinope.--293. St. Alexis.--294. SS. Justa and Rufina.--295. St. Bonaventura.--296. St. Vincent de Paul.--297. St. Margaret.- -298. St. Victor of Marseilles.--299. St. Mary Magdalen.--300. St. Christina.--301. St. Christopher.--302. St. James the Greater.--303. St. Pantaleon of Nicodemia.--304. St. Ignatius Loyola.--305. St. Lawrence.--306. St. Clare.--307. St. Hippolytus.--308. St. Roche.--309. St. Helena.--310. St. Bernard of Clairvaux.--311. St. Bartholomew.--312. St. Dominic.--313. St. Augustine, Bishop of Hippo.--314. St. John the Baptist.--315. St. Giles.--316. St. Rosalia.--317. St. Adrian.--318. St. Euphemia.--319. St. Januarius.--320. St. Eustace.--321. St. Matthew.--322. St. Maurice.--323. St. Thecla.--324. SS. Cyprian and Justina.--325. SS. Cosmo and Damian.--326. St. Michael the Archangel.--327. St. Jerome.--328. St. Francis d'Assisi.--329. St. Justina of Padua.--330. St. Bridget.--331. St. Denys.--332. St. Theresa.--333. St. Luke.--334. St. Ursula.-335. St. Romain.--336. SS. Crispin and Crispianns.--337. SS. Simon and Jude.--338. St. Hubert.--339. St. Winifrid.--340. St. Charles Borromeo.--341. St. Leonard.--342. St. Martin.--343. St. Edmund, King and Martyr.--344. St. Cecilia.--345. St. Clement.--346. St. Felicitas.--347. St. Catherine.--348. St. Andrew.--349. St. Eloy.--350. St. Francis Xavier.--351. St. Barbara.--352. St. Nicholas.--353. St. Lucy.--354. St. Thomas.--355. St. Stephen.--356. St. John the Evangelist.



357. Holy Days and Red-Letter Days.--358. The Circumcision ot Our Lord, Circumcision not confined to the Jews.--359. The Epiphany, or Festival of the Three Kings.--360. The Feast of the Ass.--361. Benediction of Beasts on the Feast of St. Anthony.--362. The Festival of St. Peter's Chair.--363. Kissing the Pope's Foot.--364. Blessing of Lambs on the Feast of St. Agnes, the Pallium.--365. Presenting a Fat Buck and Doe in St. Paul's Cathedral on St. Paul's Day.--366. Candlemas Day, or Feast of the Purification.--367. Lady Day, or Feast of the Annunciation.--368. Shrove Tuesday.--369. Lent.--370. Ash Wednesday.--371. Stations of the Way of the Cross.--372. Ember Days.--373. Passion Sunday.--374. Origin of the Ober-Ammergau Passion Play.--375. Palm Sunday.--376. Commemoration of the Passion during Holy Week.--377. Tenebrae.--378. Washing the Feet of Twelve Poor Men by the Pope on Maundy Thursday.--379. Good Friday Observances at Rome.--380. Holy Saturday Observances.--381. Easter, the Paschal Candle.--382. White Lilies in Eastertide Church Decorations.--383. The Spital Sermon.--384. Rogation Days, Perambulating the Parish Boundaries, Gospel Oaks.--385. Ascension Day.--386. Pentecost or Whitsuntide, Origin of the term "Whit Sunday."--387. The Flower Sermon.--388. Trinity Sunday.--389. The Feast of Corpus Christi, Observance at Durham Cathedral.--390. Lammas Day, Harvest Festivals, Thanksgiving Day.--391. The Feast of the Holy Rosary, Origin of the term "Rosary."--392. The Lion Sermon--393. The Feast of All Saints, or All Hallows' Day.--394. Origin of the Commemoration of All Souls.--395. Christmas Day, the "Crib" in the Catholic Churches.



396. Religious Unanimity of the Jewish People in all Lands.--397. The Festival of Pesach or Passover, the Feast of Unleavened Bread, the Eve of Searching for Leaven, Passover Bread, the Fast of the First-Born, Signification of the Articles Set upon the Family Table, the Counting of the Omer.--398. The Fasts of lyar, the Second Passover, the Scholars' Feast.--399. The Festival of Shovuos or Pentecost, the Time of Giving the Law, the Feast of Weeks, the Day of First Ripe Fruits, or the Harvest Festival in the East, the Three Days of Setting Bounds.--400. The Black Fast, or Fast of Tammuz.--401. The Fast of Av.--402. Alul, the Month of Warning--403. The Festival of the New Year, or the Head of the Year, the Day of Memorial, the Day of Judgment, the Day of Sounding the Horn, the Days of Awe, or Ten Days of Repentance, the Fast of Gedaliah, the Sabbath of Repentance, the White Fast, or Day of Atonement, the Feast of Succous, or Tabernacles, the Great Hosanna, the Eighth Day of Solemn Assembly, the Rejoicing of the Law.--404. The Fast of Cheshvan, or Marcheshvan.--405. The Festival of Chanukah, or Dedication.--406. The Fast of Ti vise.--407. The New Year Festival for the Trees, the Day of the Section of the Shekels.--408. The Fast of Esther, the Festival of Purim, the Purim of Shushan, the Sabbath of Repentance, the Sabbath of the Month.



409. New Year's Day, Origin of New Year's Gifts.--410. The Wassail Bowl.--411. Needle and Thread Custom at Queen's College, Oxford.--412. Twelfth Day, or Old Christmas Day.--413. Twelfth Night, the Twelfth Cake.--414. Distaff's Day, or Rock Day.--415. Plough Monday.--416. Handsel Monday.-417. Mallard Day at All Souls' College, Oxford.-4i8. The Feast of Lanterns.-419. St. Blaise's Day.--420. St. Valentine's Day.--421. St. David's Day.--422. St. Patrick's Day.--423. The Carnival.--424. Collop Monday, Bacchus Verses at Eton College.--425. Shrove Tuesday, the Pancake Bell.--426. Shrove Tuesday Sports: Cock-fighting, Cock-throwing, Lent-crocking, Thrashing the Fat Hen.--427. Simnel Cakes, Mothering Sunday.--428. Beating the Bounds.--429. The Royal Maund on Maundy Thursday.--430. Hot Cross Buns.--431. The Tansy Cake or Tansy Pudding, the Gammon of Bacon at Easter.--432. Easter Eggs, the Ball Play in Church at Easter.--433. Easter Cards. --434. Lifting and Hocking at Easter.--435. All Fools' Day, April Fish.--436. Primrose Day.--437. The Freemen's March at Alnwick.--438. Riding the George on St. George's Day.--439. May Day: the Maypole, the Milkmaids' Festival, the Chimney Sweepers' Holiday, the Morris Dancers, Maid Marian, Jack-in-the-Green, Crowning the May Queen, Rush-Bearing and Well-Dressing.--440. Beltine Day.--441. Royal Oak, or Oak-Apple Day.--442. The Godiva Procession at Coventry, Peeping Tom.--443. Marriage of the Adriatic, the Bride of the Sea.--444. Throwing the Dart at Cork.--445. Whitsun Ales.--446. The Midsummer Marching Watch.--447. The Procession of the Minstrels at Chester.--448. St. Swithin's Day.--449. "Please Remember the Grotto "--450. Oysters on St. James's Day.--451. Doggett's Coat and Badge.--452. Mayor-Choosing on Michaelmas Day.--453. The Michaelmas Goose.


Dog Whipping at Hull.--455. The Shoemakers' Holiday on St. Crispin's Day.--456. Hallowe'en, or Crack-nut Night.--457. Guy Fawkes' Day, Origin of the name Parliament Hill.--458. The Lord Mayor's Show, Who and What the Lord Mayor of London really is.--459. The Stamford Bull Running.--460. Almanack Day at Stationers' Hall.--461. St. Andrew's Day.--462. St. Nicholas' Day, the Boy-Bishop, the Eton Montem, Salting in a Freshman.--463. St. Thomas's Day, the Vessel Cup.--464. Christmas: the Church Decorations, the Mistletoe, Kissing under the Mistletoe.--465. The Yule Log.--466. Bringing in the Boar's Head at Queen's College, Oxford.--467. The Christmas Mummeries, the Roman Saturnalia, the Feast of Fools, the Court Masques.--468. Christmas Boxes, Boxing Day, "Kriss Kringle," Santa Klaus, "Knecht Rupert," Father Christmas.--469. The Christmas Waits, Christmas Carols, Carol Singing in Holland on Christmas Morning--470. Christmas Trees.--471. Christmas Candles.--472. The Roast Beef, Christmas Pudding, and Mince Pies.--473. The Pantomime on Boxing Day.--474. Innocents' Day.--475. Superstition concerning the Christmas Holly on New Year's Eve.


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