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St. George and the Dragon, Gustave Moreau, late 19th Century
St. George and the Dragon, Gustave Moreau, late 19th Century

Dragons and Dragon Lore

By Ernest Ingersoll


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This is a comprehensive study of the mythology of the dragon on a world-wide scale. Ingersoll deals with this archetypal beast in the lore of India, Korea, Japan, China, Wales, as well as the English legend of St. George. Anyone wishing to study dragons will find this a treasure-trove of information on the subject.

Title Page
Chapter One: Birth Of The Dragon
Chapter Two: Wanderings of the Young Dragon
Chapter Three: Indian Nagas and Draconic Prototypes
Chapter Four: The Divine Spirit of the Waters
Chapter Five: Draconic Grandparents
Chapter Six: The Dragon as a Rain-God
Chapter Seven: Korean Water And Mountain Spirits
Chapter Eight: ''The Men of the Dragon Bones''
Chapter Nine: The Dragon in Japanese Art
Chapter Ten: The Dragon's Precious Pearl
Chapter Eleven: The Dragon Invades the West
Chapter Twelve: The 'Old Serpent' and his Progeny
Chapter Thirteen: Welsh Romances and English Legends
Chapter Fourteen: The Dragon and the Holy Cross
Chapter Fifteen: To the Glory of Saint George