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The Island of the Dead, by Arnold Bocklin [1880] (Public Domain Image)
The Island of the Dead, by Arnold Bocklin [1880] (Public Domain Image)

A Wanderer in the Spirit Lands

by Franchezzo (A. Farnese)


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What lies beyond the land of the living? Franchezzo explores the path into a literal land of the dead. Will we see long dead relatives? Can we return? Questions to keep in mind as one reads...

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Preface by Transcriber.
Dedication by Author.

Part I. Days of Darkness

Chapter I.--My Death
Chapter II.--Despair
Chapter III.--Hope--Wanderings on the Earth Plane--A Door of Spiritual Sight
Chapter IV.--The Brotherhood of Hope
Chapter V.--Spirits of the Earth Plane
Chapter VI.--Twilight Lands--Love's Gifts--The Valley of Selfishness--The Country of Unrest--The Miser's Land--The Gambler's Land
Chapter VII.--The Story of Raoul
Chapter VIII.--Temptation
Chapter IX.--The Frozen Land--The Caverns of Slumber
Chapter X.--My House in the Twilight Lands--Communion Between the Living and the Dead
Chapter XI.--Ahrinziman
Chapter XII.--My Second Death

Part II. The Dawn of Light

Chapter XIII.--Welcome in the Land of Dawn--My New Home There.
Chapter XIV.--A Father's Love
Chapter XV.--A New Expedition Proposed
Chapter XVI.--Clairvoyance--The Journey Begun
Chapter XVII.--The Astral Plane and Its Inhabitants--Spooks, Elves, Vampires, etc.
Chapter XVIII.--The Approach to Hell

Part III. The Kingdom of Hell

Chapter XIX.--Through the Wall of Fire
Chapter XX.--The Imperial City
Chapter XXI.--The Fires of Hell--A Vengeful Spirit--Pirates--The Sea of Foul Mud--The Mountains of Selfish Oppression--The Forest of Desolation--Messages of Love
Chapter XXII.--Amusements in a Great City of Hell--Words of Caution
Chapter XXIII.--The Palace of My Ancestors--False Brothers Baffled
Chapter XXIV.--The Story of Benedetto--Plotters Again Baffled
Chapter XXV.--A Pitched Battle in Hell
Chapter XXVI.--Farewell to the Dark Land

Part IV. Through the Gates of Gold

Chapter XXVII.--Welcome on Our Return--A Magic Mirror--Work in the Cities of Earth--The Land of Remorse--The Valley of Phantom Mists--A Home of Rest
Chapter XXVIII--My Home and Work in the Morning Land
Chapter XXIX.--The Formation of Planets
Chapter XXX.--Materialization of Spirits
Chapter XXXI.--Why the Spheres Are Invisible--Spirit Photographs
Chapter XXXII.--Through the Gates of Gold--My Mother--My Home in the Land of Bright Day--I Am Joined by Benedetto
Chapter XXXIII.--My Vision of the Spheres
Chapter XXXIV.--Conclusion