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p. 117


Yea, Neontu, I did say, One Life throbs and pulsates through all from star-dust on through man up to the Infinite, a kind of vital spirit making out of the infinite variety of forms a divine unity.

Yet, I did not intend to imply that man was not more than star-dust. He is all the outer universe implies and infinitely more, for in external worlds there can be neither perception nor apperception. The star-dust of itself is not conscious of the existence of man, cannot reason with regard to things, neither can it grasp intuitively eternal verities, nor realize the power of Soul.

There is a power within thee, oh, man, possessed not by other things. While the Infinite Omn breathes in and through all

p. 118

things, yet His majesty unspeakable is only revealed in the spirit of man.

All else in nature has limitations. Consciousness, reason, intuition—these three reveal that which is absolutely limitless in its capacities and powers.

The ignorant alone place metes and bounds to the possibilities of spirit.

Thus far shalt thou go, is the command of unreason.

Thus far canst thou go, is the assertion of one whose interior consciousness has never been aloft on the wings of intuition.

If in thee a fragment of the Absolute and Real finds an abiding place, thou must of necessity be limitless in all thy powers and capacities, for the Absolute and Real cannot be composed of limited and circumscribed fragments.

The true poet, artist, musician are prophet

p. 119

souls, that never bide the limitations of religions and schools.

New paths of light are opened unto them and they walk forth where mortal feet have never pressed before. When they return they bring with them the rich vintage of the spirit.

The world, filled with self-conceit and blinded by ignorance, cries out: Our most sacred things are violated—our usages and customs ignored—these are but false prophets that needs must lead the unsophisticated astray.

Hold thy peace, oh, brother, thou who dwellest in the valley, thou art not yet aware that the sun is up; through the dense fogs of thine own pride and ignorance thou failest to perceive that the mountain tops are already bathed with the light of a new day.

Only a little longer canst thou stay where

p. 120

thou art. Through the thick clouds around thee hands are reaching toward thee that sooner or later will impart a quickening impulse to thy soul.

Light will yet break around thee, and the message of the spirit be made known unto thee.

Then clouds shall disappear—earthly taints of anger, selfishness and distrust be superseded by peace, love and confidence—and the Divinity within be revealed in its infinite glory.

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