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p. 197


The Secret Valley

ONE morning sometime later, I received a strange letter by post—asking me to come to a certain address—in Tucson, Arizona. It conveyed the idea—that the information to be given was of such a nature—as could only be explained in person. I considered the extraordinary way in which the request had reached me, and yet felt an Inner Desire to respond to the call.

In a few days, I went to the address given, rang the bell, and in a moment the door was opened by a tall slender gentleman about forty years of age, with iron gray hair and gray eyes, who stood perhaps six feet one inch in height.

I introduced myself, and he greeted me with a cordial, sincere hand shake which revealed unmistakably—his was an absolutely true and dependable nature. His eyes were steady and fearless, and he gave one the impression—that he possessed great reserve energy.

I felt an unusual Inner harmony about him, and knew it could only mean the starting of a deep and wonderful friendship. He too seemed aware of an Inner something—that made each of us feel attracted

p. 198

to the other. He asked me to come in, and be seated.

"You are here," he began, "at my request, and I am deeply grateful, strange as it must have seemed to you. Your address was given me by one of whom I shall speak later. In explanation, I have this to say—that I have made some very remarkable discoveries which I must ask you to accept on faith—until I can take you with me, and prove their Truth and Reality to you.

"I was advised to get directly in touch with you personally—as the only one to whom this should be revealed—and with which I am concerned. For a starting point, I shall have to begin with things that occurred twenty years ago.

"At that time, I had a beautiful wife. Now, I know she had great Inner growth of which, however, I was not aware. A son was born—whom we both idolized. For five years, our happiness was complete. Suddenly, without any warning or apparent reason—the child disappeared.

"For many weeks, we searched and searched, and did everything humanly possible to find him, but to no avail. Finally, we gave up all hope. His mother never recovered from the shock and five months later—passed on.

"She had made a strange request during the last few days of her life—that her body be held in the vault for seven days—after her passing and then cremated.

p. 199

[paragraph continues] It seemed rather peculiar to me—for at no time had we ever discussed anything—in regard to this subject. However, I complied with her wishes. Imagine my surprise five days after her funeral, when I received a call from the man in charge of the cemetery saying—he had found the vault open that morning—and the body gone. No clue to anything concerning the whole strange occurrence was ever discovered.

"Sixteen years later, I awakened one morning—to find a letter—upon the floor of my room—addressed to me but with no postmark. I picked it up, opened it, and read the contents—which left me mystified and incredulous. It read:

"'Your wife and son are living, well, and strong. Soon you will see them. Have patience until that time. Rejoice to know there is no death. At the appointed time—directions will reach you in this manner—which you are to follow—implicitly. All depends upon your absolute silence. You shall see, and receive full explanation of all that has seemed so mysterious. Then—you will understand why Truth is far stranger and more wonderful than fiction—for even the most extraordinary fiction—is but the record of a Truth—that is somewhere in the universe.


"'A Friend'

p. 200

"My Friend, you can imagine my astonishment. At first—I did not believe a word of it. The third evening after this—I was sitting in front of my grate fire, when I heard my beloved wife's voice as clear and distinct—as if she were in the room beside me, saying:

"'Robert, My Beloved—I am alive and well, and our son is with me. We will be so happy, when you are with us again. Do not distrust the message. It is all true. You will be brought to us—if you do not allow doubt to shut the door. I speak to you through the Sound Ray which you will one day learn to use.' I could stand the tension no longer—and said:

"Show yourself to me, and I will believe." Instantly, the voice replied:

"'Wait a moment.' In about three minutes, a Brilliant Ray of Golden Light came into the room—forming a tunnel, at the other end of which, stood my beautiful wife. It was she—unmistakably.

"'Beloved,' she said, 'seeming miracles have taken place in the midst of your Life for years but because your attention has not been called in the right direction, we had to wait until this time. Trust the message that will come to you. Then—you will come to us—and I assure you a new world will open. To our great love there is no barrier.'

"Instantly—the Light Ray vanished and with It the voice. My joy knew no bounds. I could no longer

p. 201

doubt. I felt a relaxation, peace, and rest I had not known for years. Then—came weeks of waiting which I now know was a preparation going on—within me. At last the message, I longed for so much, came and with it a diagram and directions to be followed.

"I saw this would lead me into the high mountains southeast of Tucson, Arizona. I made preparation to go at once, saying to my friends I was going to do a little prospecting. I took a horse and pack animal, finding very little discomfort and no difficulty in following the directions given. If I could have gone as the crow flies, I would easily have covered the distance in two days.

"Just before sundown of the third day, I came to a blind canyon and would have passed it unnoticed, if it had not been for the diagram. I had just made camp, when it became dark. I rolled up in my blankets and soon dropped off to sleep, dreaming most vividly—of waking in the morning and seeing a young man—standing near by—looking at me.

"When I did awaken, to my astonishment—there stood the young man in Real Life—looking at me intently. He greeted me with a beautiful smile—saying:

"'My Friend, you are expected to follow me.' I noticed, he had my things in readiness and turning without further discussion, led the way toward the head of the canyon. After about an hour, we came

p. 202

to a stop because of a cliff that seemed to close the way before us.

"He turned, placed his hands upon the rock, and pressed against it. A section of the wall—perhaps ten by twelve feet—moved in to a depth of about one foot—and then slid to one side. We entered a tunnel that centuries ago—must have been the bed of an underground water-course. My companion closed the entrance behind us and, as we turned to go forward, a Soft Radiance spread everywhere—so we could see quite clearly. I was astonished at all I saw but I remembered the admonition I had received in my instruction—'to be silent.'

"We continued in the tunnel for more than an hour, and finally came to a massive metal door. This opened slowly at my companion's touch. He stood aside, and waited for me to pass through. I stepped out into the bright sunlight, almost breathless with delight at the beauty of the scene before me. Ahead of us, lay a valley of surpassing loveliness—about a hundred acres in extent.

"'My Friend,' said the young man, 'you have returned home after a long absence—all of which you shall soon understand.' He then led the way to a beautiful building, near the foot of a sheer cliff at the upper end of the valley. As we came nearer, I could see many kinds of fruit and vegetables growing in abundance, among them oranges, dates, English

p. 203

walnuts, and pecans. A beautiful waterfall poured over the cliff—making a limpid pool at its base. The building was a massive one, and looked as though it had stood there for centuries.

"We had almost reached it, when a beautiful woman in white appeared at the entrance. We came nearer—and my beloved wife—stood before us—more beautiful than ever. In another instant, I held her in my arms, and after all the agony I had been through in those years—it was almost more than I could stand. She turned, putting her arm, around the young man who had brought me, and said:

"'Robert, this is our son.'

"'Son!' was all I could say, so nearly was I overcome by my emotions.

"He stepped forward, put his arms around both of us, and we three—stood there for a moment in deepest love and gratitude—happy once more. I suddenly realized it was sixteen years since he had disappeared, and by now he must be twenty-one. He answered my thought, by saying:

"'Yes Father, I am twenty-one. Tomorrow is my birthday.'

"'How can you read my thought so readily?'

"'O, that is a very ordinary and easy thing for us. It is all quite natural, when you understand how to do it and really—quite simple,' he replied.

"'Come,' he continued, 'you must be hungry. Let

p. 204

us have something to eat.' With their arms around me, we entered the ancient building. The interior was finished in pink marble and white onyx. I was shown to a beautiful room where the morning sun flooded everything with its glorious radiance. I refreshed myself, and found a suit of white flannel—had been provided for me. I tried it on, and it fitted perfectly. This surprised me but again I remembered the admonition 'to be silent.' I went downstairs, and was presented to—a striking looking gentleman—about my own height with large, dark, piercing eyes.

"'Father,' said my son, 'this is our Beloved Master, Eriel. He is the one—who saved the lives of both Mother and me—and has trained us all these years—until you could be prepared to join us here. It was he—who sent you the message and directions to come—because the time had arrived for your definite training to begin.'

"We entered the dining-room which was magnificent, and I could not refrain from expressing my admiration. It had been placed at the south-east corner of the building on the main floor and was flooded with sunshine morning and afternoon. The walls were made of heavily carved walnut and the beamed ceiling, inlaid between the beams with motifs in hexagonal design. A solid piece of walnut at least two inches thick resting on an ornately carved pedestal, served as a table and looked as if it were

p. 205

thousands of years old. We took our places around it, and presently a slender youth entered. My son introduced him by saying:

"'This is our Brother, Fun Wey, whom Our Master brought from China, when he was an infant at a time—his Life was about to be taken. He is from a very ancient Chinese family, and is able to do many wonderful things. He has always wished to serve us, and we are privileged and happy to call him—Brother. He is one of the most joyous natures I have ever known.'

"Among the things for breakfast were luscious strawberries with delicious date and nut cakes. We went into the large living-room and the Master Eriel said to me:

"'At the time your beloved wife—who is your Twin Ray—would have passed on, I saw an opportunity to give certain assistance—which would enable her to reach the Ascended State—and thus have much greater freedom and wider capacity for service. It was my great privilege and joy to give that assistance.

"'I opened the casket—restored her to conscious action—and enabled her to raise the body. It had already reached a point of high attenuation—because her desire for the "Light" was very great. It was her intense adoration to and longing for the "Light" that made possible her Ascension. I explained this to her the day you thought she had passed on.

p. 206

"'All three of you were children of mine in an embodiment—of long ago. A great love was generated then—which has lasted through the centuries. Her deep love made possible—the assistance and raising—that has been accomplished at this time.

"'Your son—who was stolen with the intention of being held for ransom—was brought to this canyon. The two concerned with his kidnapping began to quarrel, and one—planned to take the child's Life.

"'I appeared before them—and took him. They were paralyzed by their own fear—and neither ever recovered. Both passed on a few weeks later. If one deliberately takes the life of another human being—or determines mentally to take it—he has set a cause into motion that will surely take his own.

"'A feeling or desire—for the death of another person—will do the same thing—for it goes forth to the person, and then begins its return journey to the one who sent it out. Many times individuals allow resentment against injustice to flash forth, with an intense feeling to rid the world of a certain individual. This is a—subtle form—of the thought of death—and to the one who sends it out—it must return.

"'Many, many people bring about their own dissolution—by this very subtle activity of the human self—for no one ever escapes this "Immutable Law." There are many phases of Its reaction—and it is because humanity indulges—in such thoughts and feelings—

p. 207

that the race as a whole—has been experiencing the dissolution of body after body.

"'The number of mankind—that pass out through physical violence—is infinitesimal—compared to the deaths brought about—by these subtle activities—of thought, feeling, and the spoken word. The human race has been killing itself off—for thousands of years in this subtle way—because it will not learn "The Law of Life" and obey It.

"'There is only One Law of Life, and that is "Love." The Self-Conscious, thinking individual who will not or does not—obey that—Eternal Beneficent Decree—cannot and will not retain the physical body—because all that is not Love—dissolves form and it matters not—whether it be thought, word, feeling or deed—intentional or unintentional—the 'Law' acts—regardless. Thoughts, feelings, words, and deeds are each but so much force acting—and eternally move in an orbit of their own.

"'If man knew—he never ceases creating even for an instant—he would realize, through the "Presence" of God within himself—he could purify his miscreations—and thus be free from his own limitations.

"'He spins a cocoon of human discord around himself—and goes to sleep within it forgetting—at least for a time, that if he can build it, he can also—break through. By using the Wings of his Soul—Adoration and Determination—he can break through his

p. 208

self-created darkness. Then, he lives once more at the—Center of his Being—in the "Light" and Freedom of his "God-Self."

"'However, in the activity of you and your beloved family, or shall I say my beloved family, the cloud that has seemed to hold so much of sorrow is now turned inside out and reveals its glorious golden lining. You have now come within the—Radiant Splendor of the "Light"—from which you will never again recede.

"'In most cases, if human beings knew the wonderful things that are sometimes planned for them, they would unknowingly prevent the approach of this greater good. You have been invited here, not only to join your loved ones, but to receive—definite instruction—concerning the existence, use, and direction of the Mighty God-Power—latent within you. When you understand how to release and control It, anything will be possible for you.

"'Your loved ones used the Light and Sound Rays in communicating with you. This knowledge with its power will be explained, and you too shall be enabled to operate them—consciously and at will. You feel deeply, and when that characteristic is consciously governed, there will come an Awareness of the Mighty God-Power—that stands ready to be released—at any instant.

"'You are to remain here for six weeks of training.

p. 209

and then return to the outer world—to use—the understanding you have received. Come again, at any time for you are now one of us.'

"I can never put in words—what those six weeks meant to me. To become aware of my own ability to use the instruction and application of such wisdom astonished me. Soon, I began to gain a confidence in myself—that made everything much easier. What seems so mysterious and unusual to the human—I found natural and normal—to this Stupendous 'Inner-Presence.'

"I had to realize that I was—Truly—the Son of God. As a Son of the—Source of all Good—the Limitless Wisdom-Energy obeyed my conscious direction, and when I directed it—as does a Master—produced results instantly. As I gained confidence in my own ability to use the 'Great Law,' the fulfillment naturally became more and more rapid. I marvel yet—at the Ever-pouring Fountain of Love and Wisdom that streamed forth from this—Great Master. We love him with a deep devotion—greater than any love that could ever exist between parent and child—for the Love Tie formed by the giving of Spiritual Understanding is Eternal, and far deeper than any love generated through human experience—no matter how beautiful and strong it may be. He often said to us:

"'If you will make yourselves—an Eternal Fountain

p. 210

of Divine Love—pouring it forth into every place your thought goes, you will become such a Magnet for All Good—that you will have to call for help to dispense it. Peace and Calmness of Soul release a power—which compels obedience—of the outer mind. This must be—claimed—with authority. Our home here in this Secret Valley has been used for over four thousand years.'

"One day, after giving a remarkable discourse on 'God's Ownership,' he looked at me very intently, and suggested we take a walk. He led the way to the opposite side of the valley from which we had entered. Near the south wall, and running parallel with it from east to west, was a ridge beginning at the ground, rising to about seven feet in height, extending about two thousand feet in length, and then descending to the ground again. As we came closer, I saw it was a vein of white quartz. The Master Eriel stepped to where the vein came to the ground and kicked a piece loose with his foot. I saw it was—immensely rich—in gold. My human love for gold attempted to surge forth but the 'Inner-Presence' instantly checked it, and with a smile the Master remarked:

"'That is well done. Now, I have work to do in Europe and must leave you for the present.' He smiled, and was gone instantly. It was the first time—he had shown the Full Dominion he possessed, and

p. 211

the things—he was able to do in this manner. Immediately—my son became visible—in exactly the same spot—where Eriel had been standing the instant before and laughed heartily at my surprise.

"'Mother and I,' he said, 'can take our bodies with us—wherever we choose in the same way. Do not be surprised. It is a—Natural Law—and—only seems strange and unusual—because you are not using it—as yet. It really is no more extraordinary—than the telephone would have been—to the people of the Middle Ages. If they had known the "Law" of its construction, they could have used it then—just as well as we of this century.'

"Since that visit to my family in the Secret Valley, I have been there seven times. The last time, I returned to the outer world—the Master gave me your address—which accounts for my asking you to come here. He extends the invitation for you—to return with me."

My host suddenly realized he had been talking several hours, and begged indulgence for taxing my patience. I told him the experiences were so fascinating, and I had been so intensely interested that time was non-existent, so far as I was concerned. I accepted and was deeply grateful—for the Master Eriel's invitation to visit them, and said so frankly. A moment later, a tall young man came into the room.

"Let me present our Brother, Fun Wey," said my

p. 212

host, introducing him, and in the most perfect English, he replied:

"My Brother—with the Heart of Light—has journeyed far. My heart leaps in ecstasy and joy. My soul feels your Serenity and Radiance." Addressing my host directly, he continued.

"Knowing you were busy, I am here to serve you."

"It will give us great pleasure to have you break bread with us," said my friend turning to me, and together we passed into the dining room. Our dinner was delicious, and when finished my host again resumed his conversation—relating many of his personal experiences with Eriel. They were remarkable indeed—that is speaking from the human side of our consciousness only—but from the standpoint of our—Divinity—all was and is—Supremely Natural.

Suddenly, a Ray of Light—or rather a Tube of Light—came into the room, and from the conversation I knew it was my host's Twin Ray speaking. In a moment, the Ray was directed to me, and he said:

"Beloved, allow me to present the Brother—whom our Master Eriel has requested I meet."

I saw his Twin Ray, and heard her as clearly—as if she stood in the room beside us. This way of communicating is a wonderfully happy experience, and—it is possible—to so condense "Light" as to form a Tube in which Sound and Vision can be conveyed. It was as Real—as a search-light.

p. 213

My host insisted that I make his home mine—until the day of our departure into the mountains. We started before daylight the seventh day after our meeting, and it was one of the most memorable experiences of my Life up to that time. All he had told me proved to be true—in the minutest detail.

Our arrival at the Secret Valley was a most joyous event, and our happiness was very great. I met my host's Twin Ray and their son, and was then shown over the ancient building—where so many students had received the True Understanding of the Laws of Being—and attained their Eternal Freedom.

It was a marvelous sensation—to stand where the Great God-Power had been focused for so many centuries, and—the Ascended Masters had made a retreat—for some of their work. I sat contemplating the blessings the students had received—who were privileged to come there, when the Master Eriel addressed me.

"My Son," he began, "you are nearing wonderful liberation. Hold close to the continuous acceptance of your own indwelling 'Master-Presence,' and you will have just cause for great rejoicing." He extended his right hand, and—the veil between the visible and invisible—was drawn aside.

"I want you to see," he continued, "as we who have Ascended—The Sublime and Majestic Activity of Our World. Here, we continually bear witness, as

p. 214

[paragraph continues] Sons of God, because there is no longer doubt, fear, or imperfection within us." I shall always remember the joy and privilege that was mine during the days I spent with those wonderful people.

"Every day," said Eriel, "you shall witness the use of the—Light and Sound Rays—that annihilate time and space, and which mankind is destined to use in the near future—as naturally as they now use the telephone. This is one of the most Stupendous Activities the individual may learn how to direct. A Light Ray can be drawn and controlled—so it may be used as a pencil—to write upon metal—or in the sky, and the writing—remain visible—as long as the one directing—desires.

"When the student is strong enough—to stand against the opinions of the world of ignorance—then he or she is ready—to bear witness to the—Marvels of the Individual Activities of God—manifested by the Ascended Masters.

"Until he can do this—the power in suggestion and the radiation of doubt from others will disturb him intermittently—to such an extent—that he many times gives up the quest for Truth. Interruption to the steady flow of instruction—is—discord. Discord is the wedge—and subtle way—by which the sinister force on this earth—enters the outer activity of a student—who has determined to face—'The Light.'

"Such activity is very subtle—because it is a feeling,

p. 215

and creeps in upon one before he is—really aware—of its existence. It is persistent beyond belief—and the growth is so insidious—that one does not realize what has been done—until the momentum is already under way.

"This feeling begins—as a slight doubt. A doubt need only be—felt—two or three times, until it becomes—distrust. Distrust—whirls a time or two in the emotional body—and becomes suspicion—and suspicion is self-destruction.

"Remember this my son, as you return again to the outer world, and you will find it a safeguard—that will carry you through every experience in Life—keeping you untouched by discord. If one sends out suspicion, he—will—be suspected, for every one has in his world just exactly—that—which he puts into it, and this 'Eternal Irrevocable Decree' exists throughout the Universe. All impulses of consciousness—travel back to the central point—that sent them out—not even an atom escapes.

"The Real student of 'Light' faces 'The Light'—sends it before him—sees its Enfolding Radiance—everywhere he moves, and adores 'It'—constantly. From the doubts, fears, suspicion, and ignorance of the human mind, he turns away, and knows—only 'The Light.' This is His Source—His True-Self."

With these parting words, Eriel bade me farewell, and I returned to the daily routine of my outer life.

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