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Inca Memories

THE next ten days passed uneventfully. Through past training, I never went to sleep without holding my attention upon—the Great God Self Within and sending a thought of loving gratitude to Saint Germain. On the evening of the eleventh day while retiring, I heard his voice say distinctly:

"Come!" I had learned to obey that call and immediately stood outside of my body, passed quickly through space, and in a few moments came to the Royal Teton. He stood upon its side awaiting my arrival. This time, he had called me to come to where he was. I obeyed and saluted him.

"At your service," I said, stepping to his side, and smiling at me he replied:

"We have work to do. Let us go!"

I was fully aware of the direction in which we traveled—certain we were going a little west of south. Soon, we saw the lights from a city, and Saint Germain, directing my attention to them, remarked:

"Los Angeles." After traveling some distance farther on, we passed over another lighted section and this time to my inquiry, he answered:

p. 129

"Mexico City." We then came to a tropical forest and began to descend. Presently we stood upon an old ruins.

"These are the ruins of the ancient temple of Mitla in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico," he explained. "You three came into embodiment to give assistance, as the Inca civilization reached its apex. With the approval of the Ascended Masters who were directing your own growth, you chose to come into the Inca family to give the service needed at that time.

"Here, you were born as the children of an Inca ruler who was a strong soul of great growth and illumination. In deep love for his people, he called to the One Supreme God for—'Light'—abundance, and perfection to bless them and the land.

"The Inca's devotion to his Source was—very great—for he knew and consciously acknowledged—the power of the—'Great Central Sun.' This True Understanding was taught to the Incan people and, because they knew to what the—Great Central Sun—referred, used the Sun as the symbol of the—Godhead. They had—Real—Inner Understanding, and acknowledged the Fulness of the power from this—Great Central Sun—which today we call the—'Christ'—for it is the—Heart—of the Christ Activity in the Universe.

"Because of the Inca ruler's devotion to both his Source and the people, his deep desire for blessing

p. 130

and Light to guide and help them was granted, and—fourteen—from the Golden City—over the Sahara Desert—responded to give him assistance. You, Lotus and your Son were three of that fourteen.

"When you were ten, Lotus twelve, and your Son fourteen, all were placed under my care and direction—to be prepared and trained—for the work you did later. At that time, I resided in the Golden City—but after the preliminary attunement had taken place, I came to the palace daily and gave the necessary radiation and instruction. This continued for four years—before it was revealed to your father.

"The Inca ruler was amazed at the wisdom of the children, and constantly poured out his praise and gratitude to God for thus blessing him. When you were fourteen, the same—Great Cosmic Master—who had taken us all to the Golden City at the end of the embodiment in the Sahara Civilization—appeared to the Inca and told him his petition had been granted—in a very Real manner.

"It was from this time on for over seventy years, that the Incan civilization came to its greatest height. I came daily from the time you were fourteen—instructed and attuned the Inca Ruler as well as you three. You were referred to as the Inca children from the—'Sun.' His gratitude, love and co-operation were wonderful indeed, and he was taught to understand and use the—Great Cosmic Law.

p. 131

"Your childhood and youth were wonderful for no cloud came to mar the beauty of that training. Your son was taught the—Laws of Government and the—Divine Duties—of a Ruler; Lotus the Inner Work and given the Full Law and consecration of Priestess in the—'Temple of the Sun.' You were taught the Cosmic Laws of the priesthood, also secretly, the generalship of Armies.

"After ten years of special training in Peru—all three of you were sent north to one of the new colonies of the Incan Empire; for the purpose of helping the people to expand their activities and stimulate their progress. You went forth with all the love, honor, and blessing the Inca ruler knew how to give, and established the Capital of the Colony at what is now—Mitla—in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico.

"Here, you built a great temple under the direction of—Those in the Golden City—by whom you had been instructed and helped. Lotus was called—Mitla—in that life, and it was in honor of her that the city was named. Here she served as—priestess—for more than—forty years. It was one of the most magnificent temples of that period, and no expense was spared, for the secret part of it—built below the surface of the earth—was to remain, and bear witness to that splendid civilization—centuries later. You knew this at the time it was built, and certain definite orders were given and fulfilled concerning it;

p. 132

because the entire construction was directed—by one of the Great Ascended Masters from the Golden City.

"The outer part was made of massive stones, some of which may still be seen—today—among the ruins. The interior was lined with marble, onyx, and jade. The jade came from—a secret source—in the Andes Mountains that has never been revealed to any one. The coloring of the interior decorative work was most artistic and beautiful, the main color scheme being—gold, purple, rose and shell pink.

"The Inner Sanctuary was gold—with designs in purple and white. The chair—in which the priestess officiated—was also of gold. Here—the Spiritual Power—was focused and maintained—which radiated out to the empire and its people. With this explanation as a preliminary, we will now enter the subterranean temple—in which a room has been preserved—amidst the ruins—of a once great glory." We went some distance farther away—when Saint Germain commanded:

"Stand back!"

He focused a—Ray of Mighty Power—on a pile of great rocks before us. Suddenly—they were thrown in every direction—uncovering a cube of—rose colored granite. He stepped forward and placed his hand upon it. Slowly it turned, as if on a pivot, revealing an opening about three feet wide with well defined steps leading downward. We descended

p. 133

twenty-one steps to a door that—seemed to be made of copper—but Saint Germain said it was—a combination of metals alloyed—so as to make it imperishable.

Pressing on a cube of rock to the right of the entrance, the door swung slowly open and admitted us into a small room. At the farther side was a great archway—closed by another massive door. This time, he pressed his foot upon a stone of peculiar design in the floor, and the door moved back—disclosing a chamber of immense proportions—that seemed very much in need of cleansing and ventilation. No sooner had the thought entered my mind—than the place became filled with—a powerful violet light—followed by a soft white haze—becoming brilliant as the noon day sun. The cleansing was complete, for everything was fresh, clean, and filled with the—fragrance of roses.

As we entered the great room, my attention was held by a number—of the most remarkable portraits—I have ever seen. They were etched on solid gold—in colors—true to life.

"These," Saint Germain explained, "are also—Indestructible. Five of them are of the Inca Ruler, Lotus, your son, you and myself—all in the likeness of the bodies we used at that time. It was only during the—Incan period—that this particular kind of art has ever been expressed. Through the devotion of—Lotus to her own God-Flame—at that time, she attracted

p. 134

a—Great Master from Venus—who taught her. That kind of art was different from anything known on earth—in any age. The Master from Venus—only allowed a certain number to be made—because this particular type of art was centuries ahead of its time, and therefore was not permitted to be used at that period of the world's development. However, it will come forth in the present—Golden Age we have now entered.

"My son—Oh, that the people of America could only—understand—what tremendous possibilities stand before them—waiting, waiting, waiting—for them to turn away from creeds, cults, dogmas, isms and all else that binds and limits—by keeping their attention—from the Great God 'Presence'—within their own hearts. Oh, that they might—realize—what freedom, power, and Light await their service, dependent—only—on their recognition and use of the—Great Loving 'Presence' Within—breathing through them each moment—know and feel—the Almighty Control—it has over all manifestation. Oh, could they only realize that their—bodies—are the—'Temples of the Most High Living God'—who is—Ruler—of heaven and earth; that they might know what it means—to love—that Mighty Self, talk to it, acknowledge it—in all things, and—feel—the Reality of That 'Presence'—with at least as great a certainty as they do other persons and things. If they could

p. 135

only—feel—the closeness and Reality of the—'Great Presence'—deeply, even for a moment, nothing could ever again stand between them and the—Same Mighty Supreme Accomplishment—as Jesus—and other Ascended Masters have attained.

"O America—Beloved Children of the 'Light'—let—this Great God 'Presence,' its wisdom and power surge through you—now—and see how quickly God's Kingdom—can and will—manifest upon earth. America is the Way Shower among the nations—bearing the—'Light'—that heralds the incoming Golden Age. Regardless of her present conditions—'That Light' shall burst forth and consume the shadows that seek to disrupt her—Ideals and Love—for the Great God Self."

We then passed through a door at the right where we found more imperishable records—this time of the Incan civilization and the important part it played in that cycle.

"You recalled the process for making these records from the memory of your life fourteen thousand years ago," remarked Saint Germain. "They will be transported to the Royal Teton together with the portraits—for this secret temple has completely fulfilled its usefulness and is—now—to be dissolved."

Soon Beautiful Glistening Beings appeared and removed the portraits and records. When they had finished, we returned to the entrance and walked

p. 136

some distance away. Saint Germain—focused—his attention for a few moments upon the position of the secret temple and—stood very silent. I felt a sudden stillness—grip and hold me—motionless. There was a great rumbling—like an earthquake. In a moment—all was over—and the secret temple, which had been the most magnificent creation of its day—collapsed into ruins.

I could but gasp at Saint Germain's—stupendous power. Truly—the Great Ascended Masters are—Gods. It is no wonder in the mythology of the ancients that—their activities—have been brought down to us in the guise of myth and fable. They wield Tremendous God Power at—all—times because they hold with—unwavering determination—to the Great God—"Presence"—and hence all power is given unto them—for they are—All—Perfection.

"When Jesus said, 'All these things I have done, ye shall do and even greater things shall ye do,' he knew whereof he spoke," continued Saint Germain.

"He came forth to—reveal—the Conscious Dominion and Mastery that it—is possible—for every human being to attain and express—while still here on earth. He showed the—Dominion of the Ascended Master—and—proved—to mankind that it—is—possible for everyone to so call forth his—God Self—that he can consciously control—all—things human.

"The Great Ascended Masters of Love, Light, and

p. 137

[paragraph continues] Perfection—who have guided the growth of humanity on this planet from the beginning—are no figment of anyone's imagination. They are Real—visible—tangible—glorious—living—breathing—Beings—of such Love, Wisdom, and Power that the human mind—gasps—at the immensity of it. They work—everywhere—in the universe with complete freedom and limitless power, to do—naturally—all that the average individual considers—super-natural.

"They are wielders of such Power and manipulators of such Force as to stagger the imagination of the person—in the outer world. They are the—Guardians—of the race and, as in the world of physical education various grades of teachers are provided—to guide the development of the individual's growth—from childhood to maturity, and then beyond preparing him for special work; so do the—Ascended Masters of Perfection—exist to educate and help the individual that he too may grow beyond—ordinary, human expression. Thus, he develops his Super-Human Attributes, until like the student graduating from college—the one under the care and instruction of an Ascended Master—graduates out of his humanity—into the—Full—Continuous—Expression—of his Divinity.

"The Ascended Master is an individual—who by self-conscious effort—has generated enough Love and Power—within himself—to snap the chains of all

p. 138

human limitation, and so he stands—free and worthy—to be trusted with the use of forces—beyond—those of human experience. He; feels himself—'One'—with Omnipresent God—'Life.' Hence, all forces and things obey his command because he is a Self-Conscious Being of free will controlling all—by the manipulation of the 'Light' within—Himself.

"It is through the radiation or outpouring of this 'Light'—which is really his own—'Luminous Essence of Divine Love'—that an Ascended Master is able—to help—those who come under his care and direction.

"When such an—Outpouring—to a student takes place, his own Inner bodies—and by that I mean his emotional, mental, and Causal bodies—absorb the—Master's Luminous Essence—and the 'Light' within them glows and expands like a spark—which one fans into a—flame.

"This 'Luminous Essence' has within It the Highest Force in the Universe—for it dissolves all discord—and establishes—Perfect Balance—in all manifestation. The Ascended Master's—Body—is constantly pouring out Rays of his 'Light Essence'—upon the discords of earth—dissolving them as—the rays of force—which we call light and heat from our physical sun—dissolve a fog.

"The Radiation—they pour out to humanity of earth is—Consciously Drawn Energy to which they

p. 139

give—quality—and again send it out to accomplish a—definite result. In this way, they give protection thousands and thousands of times to persons, places, conditions, and things of which mankind is totally oblivious, going on its appointed way—serenely unconscious—of its Protectors and Benefactors.

"In this kind of activity—the Ascended Masters—are able to change the bodies they function in—like one ordinarily changes his clothes—for the cellular structure is always under conscious control, and—every atom—is obedient to their slightest direction. They are free to use one or more bodies, if the work they desire to do requires it, for their—ability—to assemble or dissolve an atomic body—is absolutely—Unlimited. They are All-Powerful Manifestors—of All Substance and Energy for the forces in Nature—which mean the four elements—are their willing and obedient servants.

"These Glorious Beings—who guard and help the evolving human race, are called the Ascended Masters of Love, Light, and Perfection. They are all the word—Master—implies because—by bringing forth the Love, Wisdom, and Power of the God Self Within—they manifest their—Mastery—over all that is human. Hence, they have—'Ascended'—into the next expression above the human—which is the Super-human—Divinity—Pure and Eternally, All-Powerful 'Perfection.'

p. 140

"The humanity of earth frequently, in its ignorance and limitation, presumes to pass judgment upon and express various opinions about Jesus and many others of the Ascended Host. That practice is one of the most binding things it can indulge in, for in such activity—the criticism and judgment sent forth in this way simply return—to its generator—and thus mankind is bound more tightly to its self-created suffering and limitation. The activity of the Law is that—the Ascended Masters—having freed themselves from human limitations—have become a—Blazing Outpouring of Light—into which—no human thought of discord can possibly enter. This compels all destructive—thought creation and feeling—to return to its sender and—bind him—still more closely in the chains of his own creation.

"If human beings could see their own thoughts, feelings, and words go out into the atmosphere—upon the ethers—gather and gather more of their kind and return—they would not only be amazed at what they give birth to—but would scream for deliverance—and if for no other reason than to blot such creation out of mind—they would with full determination—face their own Divinity—and enter into it. Thoughts and feelings—are—living—pulsating—things. The individual who—knows that—will use his wisdom—and control himself—accordingly.

"Jesus is to mankind gaining its experience on this

p. 141

earth—as the Great God Self—within every human being—is to the personal or outer self. He—revealed the—Master Record—to the outer world, and—He—is still the—Living Proof—of the individual's ability to free himself from—all—limitation and to express Divinity—as was originally intended—for the first condition in which humanity existed was—wholly harmonious and free.

"When some of those individuals—who study Life and the Laws of the Universe, more deeply than the mass of earth's children—become aware of the fact that there are Ascended Masters—they often desire to go to these Great Ones for instruction. While, in many instances, this is an unconscious upreaching of the soul within to the—Greater Light—yet the personal self little realizes in what relation it stands to those—Great Beings—who are Wholly Divine.

"There is a way by which an intensely earnest and determined student may make contact with one of them but that can only be through the activity of enough Love and discipline of the personality. If the motive for such contact be for the gratification of curiosity thinking to prove or disprove the Ascended Masters' existence—to merely solve a problem—or to convince a doubt in the personality—it will never come about—rest assured of that—for the Ascended Host are never concerned with satisfying the—human side—of any student. Their entire effort is with the

p. 142

[paragraph continues] —expansion of the God Self Within—so that Its Power may be released forcefully enough—to snap the limitations in the human self that do not give it a Perfect Vehicle for use in the mental, emotional, and physical worlds of manifestation. These are the realms of thought, feeling, and action.

"Human weaknesses and limitation simply impair the vehicle—that should be trained and kept in the best possible condition—as an efficient servant—for the use of the Great Inner God Self. The human body with its faculties—is—God's Temple of Energy—which the 'Great God Presence' provides—and through this outer self—It wishes to express a Perfect Divine Plan or Design. If the uncontrolled sense appetites—and demands of the personality—waste the God energy—so the 'Inner Presence' is not given command of the vehicle—It steadily withdraws—the human self loses the power to manipulate mind and body—and the temple collapses into decrepitude and dissolution. We then have the condition the world calls death.

"The person—who seeks to contact an Arisen Master—in the visible, tangible, living, breathing body without the preparation needed—to gradually attune his own outer structure and mind—is in the same position a child in kindergarten would be—were he to see a college professor and insist on learning the A. B. C's under him.

p. 143

"The Ascended Masters are—Really—Great Batteries of Tremendous Power and Energy and whatever touches their—Radiance—becomes highly charged with their—'Light Essence'—through the same activity—that makes a needle—kept in contact with a magnet—take on its qualities—and become a magnet also. All their help and Radiation is forever a free gift of Love. This is the reason they—never—use any of their force to compel.

"The Law of Love—the Law of the Universe—and the Law of the individual—does not permit the Ascended Master to interfere—with the free will of the individual—except at those periods of Cosmic Activity—in which the Cosmic Cycle supersedes that of the—individual. It is during these times—the Ascended Master may give—more—than ordinary assistance. The earth has entered such a Cycle now, and the greatest Outpouring of the—'Light'—the earth has ever known is being and will continue to be shed upon humanity—to purify it and re-establish the Order and Love that is—imperative—for the future maintenance of our planet and the system of worlds to which we belong. All that does not—or will not—come into the action of Order—Balance—Peace—must of necessity pass into some other school-room of the universe—and work out its own understanding of this Law—in some other way—than is to be the expression of the future Life upon our earth.

p. 144

"There is only one passport into the 'Presence,' of these—Great Ones—and that is—Enough Love—poured out to one's own—God Self—and to—Them—united with the determination to root out of the human all discord and selfishness. When an individual becomes determined—enough—to serve only the Constructive Plan of Life, he disciplines—perfectly—his human nature, no matter how unpleasant the task. Then he will automatically draw to himself the attention of an—Ascended Master—who will take note of his struggles and pour out courage, strength, and Love—sustaining him—until he maintains—permanent contact—with the Inner God Self.

"The Ascended Master knows and sees all concerning the student—for he reads clearly the record—which the student has made in his own aura. This reveals the state of the disciple's development—his strength as well as his weakness. The Ascended Master—is—the All-Knowing Mind and the All-Seeing Eye of God—for from him—nothing—can be hidden. The one who wishes to come into the visible, tangible—'Presence'—of the Ascended Host—should understand that unless he makes himself a Radiating Sun of Love, Light, and Perfection—which the Master can expand, and use as a part of Himself—that he can direct to any place consciously at will—he would be useless—merely a barnacle and drain upon the Master's work and world.

p. 145

"If the student has not, be not willing to, or does not discipline the personal self—so it is calm in mind—peaceful and loving in feeling—and strong in body—he is not material that the Ascended Master can use in the—more-than-human work that he does. When the student has not a strong, controlled, well developed vehicle—he is unable to co-operate with an Ascended Master, and thus do—work—of a kind which is beyond that—of the ordinary human experience.

"Were one of these—Perfected Beings—to take a student without such qualities into his field of work—he would be making the same mistake one does in building a machine or home, if he constructs it of imperfect material.

"That kind of material—naturally could not stand unusual strain, under sudden need, or prolonged service. Thus, it would not be the part of either wisdom, love, nor mercy to subject anyone to an experience for which he has—neither the training—nor is strong enough to bear. As the Ascended Masters are the Acme of Perfection—they naturally would not do anything except that which is just, loving and wise.

"The attitude of one who wishes to work in conscious co-operation with the Ascended Host should not be—'I wish I could go to them for instruction'—but rather—'I will so purify, discipline, and perfect

p. 146

myself, become such expression of Divine Love, wisdom, and power that I can assist in their work—then I will automatically be drawn unto them. I will love so constantly, so infinitely, so divinely, that the very intensity of my own—"Light"—will open the way for them to accept me.'

"My son, self-correction and control of the forces within the use of human consciousness—is not the work of a moment—nor a path of ease, lethargy, and self-gratification—for the senses riot within the average human being—and he rebels furiously against the restraint of his—lower nature—which is imperative—if he is to govern these forces properly within himself—especially in his feelings—so they may be used and act—only—under the conscious Dominion of his God-Mind.

"The saying that—'Many are called but few are chosen,'—is very true. All are constantly being called but—few—are awake enough—to realize—the Ecstatic Joy and Perfection within—the God-Self—and to hear Its Voice in the 'Light' forever and forever calling everyone back into the Father's House.

"Every individual on earth is free each moment to 'Arise and go unto the Father'—his God Self—if he will but turn his back upon the creation of the human senses and—hold his attention—on the—Only Source—in the Universe from which peace, happiness, abundance, and—Perfection—can come.

p. 147

"There is a way for all to come into contact with the Ascended Masters, and that is to—think—upon them—call unto them—and they will answer every call with their own 'Presence' of Love—but the motive for the call must be—Love of the One Source—Love of the Light—Love of Perfection.

"If this be real, determined, and steadfast, the student—will—receive greater and greater—Light—for the 'Light' knows Its own and gives of Itself, unceasingly, unconditionally, every moment. Ask and ye shall receive—knock and it shall be opened unto you—seek and ye shall find—call unto the 'Light' and the—Ascended Masters will answer you—for they are the 'Light' of this world.

"Lotus served as a priestess in the temple of Mitla—for more than forty years with you and your son. By the combined efforts of you three, the various cities in the colonies were brought to a state of great perfection. You established industries and directed the agriculture, until prosperity abounded in the land.

"It was revealed to the Inca Ruler, when he was to finish his earthly pilgrimage and service in that civilization. It was then—he called the three of you home to him. Others were appointed to take your places and with blessings and love to your people, you bade them farewell.

"On your arrival home, the King was much surprised

p. 148

to find—none of you had aged during the long absence. Your youthful appearance was the result of training received in childhood, and still greater proof that his children had been divinely sent in answer to his prayer. Deep gratitude, to the One Mighty God for blessing him, his children, and the people, always filled his heart."

At this point, as Saint Germain described the Incan embodiments—living pictures began to appear in the atmosphere before me—all in their—original—color and activity. They lasted for nearly three hours, and. he revealed those ancient experiences as a—Living Reality in Peru and Mitla.

The Inca Ruler—called the fourteen from the Golden City together—in preparation for the—most important event—of his earthly pilgrimage. He knew the hour of passing was near, and the affairs of the empire had to be transferred into the control of the elder son—whom he was to appoint his successor at the banquet.

The palace—was famous for centuries, as the most magnificent building of the period—because the King had tremendous resources at his command throughout the entire reign. He lived close to his God Self at all times—and wealth untold flowed into his use. The interior of the palace was most ornate, the private rooms of the royal family being decorated in—pure gold set with jewels—and the symbol of the

p. 149

[paragraph continues] Sun—used wherever possible, as a constant reminder of the God Self Within.

The banquet hall was set with five tables of—carved jade—resting on white onyx pedestals, each seating twenty people, with the exception of the royal table at which were sixteen—these being the fourteen from the Golden City, the King, and—the Master Saint Germain—who was then known as "Son Uriel." The chairs at the King's table were made of gold, slightly canopied with gorgeous ostrich plumes in magnificent colors. In the Inca's chair, the plumes were a beautiful violet; in Saint Germain's an intense gold; the daughter's pink; the eldest son's violet; but of a lighter shade than the ruler's—and those in the chair of the younger son—white—representing the authority—of the priesthood. The plumes in the chairs of the rest of the fourteen from the Golden City were of—varying colors—beautiful beyond description, the color in each case—representing the office and service—that each occupant gave—to the empire.

Cloths of a very soft material, heavily embroidered with thread of remarkable brilliancy, covered the tops of the tables. The entire palace was lighted by—self-luminous, crystal globes—that Saint Germain gave to the Incan ruler, when his instruction first began.

The King wore a royal robe of golden, metallic-like

p. 150

fabric with a marvelous jeweled breastplate representing the—"Sun." Over this was his robe of office, made of rich, purple fabric trimmed with magnificent ostrich plumes around the entire edge, and deep collar. His crown was a band of diamonds, that held three violet plumes at the back. These three plumes in the Inner Life of the ruler symbolized the three activities of the Godhead—Father, Son and Holy Spirit—acting through man as Love, Wisdom, and Power. The two sons were clothed in garments similar to their father's, except for the long robe of state, each wearing the symbol of the—"Great Sun"—formed by a breastplate of jewels. The crown of the elder son was set with emeralds and the plumes at the back were violet like the king's, but of a lighter shade. The head-dress of the other son was set with pearls, and his plumes were white—another symbol of his office—as priest.

The king's daughter was robed in a golden fabric—fine as gossamer silk—with an over-drape of opalescent material, dazzling to behold—that changed color with every movement of the body. She wore a jeweled girdle of diamonds and emeralds with its panel reaching nearly to the floor. On her head was a close-fitting cap of woven material, and around the neck a chain—on which hung the symbol of the "Great Sun" set in diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. Her sandals were of gold—also jeweled.

p. 151

Just as the King left his private chambers on the way to the banquet hall, a—Blazing Light—flashed through the rooms, and Saint Germain stood before us—looking like a God. The "Light" about him was almost blinding in its Brilliance and we were a few seconds becoming accustomed to it.

His beautiful golden hair hung to the shoulders, and was held in place by a band of—blue diamonds—around the forehead. His own Intense Radiance shone through the color of the hair—until it looked like sunlight. The piercing, sparkling violet of his eyes contrasted strongly against his skin—that revealed the soft pink color of youth and perfect health. His features were very regular—like those of the ancient Greeks.

He wore a robe of—marvelous—dazzling white fabric—entirely different from anything—in our modern world. It fitted the body slightly at the waist around which was clasped a—girdle of yellow diamonds and sapphires—with a panel reaching to his knees. On the third finger of his left hand was a ring set with a—gorgeous yellow diamond—and on the middle finger of his right a—sapphire almost as brilliant—both blazing tremendously because of his own great Radiation—as he had just come from the—Golden City.

The King was surprised and overjoyed at his appearance—and making the sign of the heart, the head,

p. 152

and the hand—bowed low before him and offered the Master his arm. They proceeded thus into the banquet hall.

Here, the tables had been laid with an entire service of gold, crystal, and jade. The children of the king soon entered and, when they beheld their beloved Master, were almost overcome with joy. However, they did not forget the dignity of the occasion and, making the Divine Sign he had taught them—bowed low before their father and Distinguished Guest.

The signal was given and all were seated. The King sat at the head of the table, the Master, Saint Germain, at his right and next to him his daughter. The elder son was placed at his left and the younger son next, then the rest from the Golden City.

At the close of the banquet, the Ruler arose and all gave complete attention. He stood silent a moment, and extending his hand to the beloved Saint Germain—introduced him to the guests. The Master bowed graciously, and the King told them how the Higher Spiritual Law had been taught to him and his children, and how the great blessings which had come to the land and its people, were the result of the Master's Great Love. He explained further that the banquet had been given for him to appoint his—successor to the throne.

He signaled to the elder son to rise and announced him—as their future ruler. Removing the Royal

p. 153

[paragraph continues] Robe—he placed it upon the son's shoulders and Saint Germain raising his hands above him in blessing, said:

"I bless you my son, in the Name and Power of the One Mighty God—in man and governing the Universe—whose Supreme Wisdom shall direct you—whose 'Light' shall Illumine you—whose Love shall bless and enfold you—the land—and its people."

Touching the thumb of his right hand to the forehead of the son, the Beloved Master raised his left hand and a Blinding Flash of "Light" enfolded them.

The king then appointed those who were to take the place of his daughter and two sons in the temple at Mitla. Saint Germain, the king, his children, and the rest of those from the Golden City, proceeded into the throne room, where the Master turned and again addressed them saying:

"Beloved ones of Light, your brother, the King, will soon pass to his well deserved rest and higher instruction. Until that time—I will remain with you. Your civilization will reach its apex under the rulership of this our beloved brother, and you will need much added wealth to accomplish all that is to be done. In the heart of the mountains not far distant, is great treasure of gold and precious stones.

"The younger son of your ruler has not so far recalled a faculty—he used formerly. I will quicken it into action again, that the requirement of your future

p. 154

activities be supplied." He stepped toward the younger son and touched his forehead with the thumb of his right hand. A tremor passed over the body and his—Inner Sight—became opened.

He saw—in the mountain fastness a certain location—which held such vast wealth—he knew they would need no other supply for whatever might be required to produce the things—they were to use in the outer activities. The son made obeisance to his Beloved Master and promised that—with his assistance—the plan for its use would be fulfilled. Three of the mines which he opened and operated were closed and sealed—when the reign of those from the Golden City was finished. They have remained closed—to this day.

Archaeologists—in various ways from time to time—are finding evidence and proof—of the tremendous height to which this civilization reached and the—splendor of its attainment. The fragments of the Incan activities—they have discovered so far—are of the civilization during its decline—but the day will come, when that which was expressed at its—apex—will be revealed to the blessing, enlightenment, and service of posterity.

The following day, messengers were sent to the principal points in the empire, announcing the ascension to the throne of the King's son. His reputation had preceded him from the City of Mitla, for his

p. 155

wisdom, nobility of character, and justice were known throughout the kingdom during the years he served there.

A few days later, the younger son directed the head mining engineer to prepare equipment, men, and supplies for going into the mountains and opening the mine he had been shown through the use of his—Inner Sight.

When they were ready to start, the son remained alone and held his attention fixed steadily on the God Self Within, knowing that he would be directed unerringly in finding the mine, and because of this—had no difficulty or delay in going directly to the location shown him in the vision. He put a large number of men to work, and in sixty days had opened the mine to the point where they made contact with the—richest gold vein that has ever been located in South America—before or since that time. The discovery and operation of that mine—has come down to the present day—in legend among the people. The younger son returned from his achievement amidst the warm welcome of the people, and received the blessings of his father, Saint Germain, his older brother and sister.

The location of the mine was at an altitude of eight thousand feet, and during the time the king's son was there he became highly sensitized—an activity that—always occurs—at high elevations. Upon his

p. 156

return to the palace, he felt clearly—the time had arrived—for the Inca Ruler to make the great change, and knew his passing was near.

The day arrived for the coronation of the King's son, when he was to legally and publicly assume the responsibility and duties of the realm. The royal family asked their Beloved Master and Friend to perform the act of crowning the new ruler—to which he graciously agreed.

Elaborate preparation for the important event had been completed, and the ceremony had progressed to the moment—when the crown—was to be placed upon the head of the new ruler. All noticed—that Saint Germain made no effort—to receive it.

Suddenly—there came a Blinding Flash of—"Light"—and before them stood a—Most Wonderful Being. She seemed to be a girl of only eighteen—but from her eyes and "Presence" shone forth a Dazzling Radiance, filled with the Love, Wisdom, and Power of a Goddess. The—Light—that filled the atmosphere around her, was crystal-white—sparkling within Itself—and scintillating—constantly.

Extending her dainty hands to the crown bearer—she lifted the crown—and with infinite grace—placed it upon the head of the King's son, and in a voice—that was the very soul of music said:

"Beloved of the Golden City—I crown you with Love, Light, and Wisdom of which—this crown—is

p. 157

the symbol. May your justice, honor, and nobility ever continue. By a—Divine Order—I shall reign with you invisible to all—but those of the Golden City—who are here."

The new ruler knelt to receive the crown and the—Wondrous Being—stooped and kissed his forehead. She then turned to the assembled guests, extended her hands, and blessed them. Immediately—a soft rose colored—Light—filled the entire place—It being the Outpouring of Her Love to them. She blessed the former king and turning to his daughter held her in a fond embrace. To the younger son she extended her hand—and he kneeling—kissed it with deep reverence.

The new king ascended the throne and bowed to his guests. Offering his arm to the Beautiful Being, he led the way to the banquet hall and here they celebrated the coronation by a feast. He gave the signal to be seated and then addressed them.

"My greatly beloved people," he said, "I know there is but One Mighty 'Presence'—God—in mankind and the Universe, governing all. It is my desire, as it ever has been, to so live that my mind and body are clear channels and perfect expressions of the—One Great Indwelling 'Presence.' May you my friends, my people, our land, and its activity be always blessed with God's greatest love, peace, health, and happiness. May this empire—which is God's domain—

p. 158

and of which we are but the custodians, continue in abundant prosperity. The Love of God in me shall always enfold you, and I ask God's Eternal—'Light'—to raise you into His Divine Perfection."

As the banquet progressed, the Former King grew very pale. The new ruler signaled his brother who stepped to his father's side, and assisted him to the private rooms of the royal family. The King lay down and remained motionless nearly four hours. His children, the Master Saint Germain, and the Beautiful Being remained at his side.

When the final moment of his earth span arrived, the Beautiful Being stepped forward to the head of the couch on which he lay, and addressed him, saying:

"Brother Inca—thou hast thought to leave thy form to the action of the four elements—but I say to thee—it shall be Raised—Transmuted—and Illumined—into that Eternal 'Temple of God' that expresses All Perfection. Thy great service has freed thee from the wheel of birth and death. Be thou—now—received by the Ascended Host of Light—with whom thou art forever—One."

Slowly—the body began to fade from sight—dissolving into a fine mist—and then completely disappeared. Saint Germain turned to those who stood by.

"My work here is finished," he said, and stepping forward, placed a ring—of most unusual design

p. 159

upon the third finger of the king's right hand. Its jewel was a—miniature self-luminous globe—of some kind of precipitated substance—that looked like pearl, and directly within the center was a—tiny blue Flame. It was a focus of "Light"—the same as the globes Saint Germain had given the king's father—with which the palace was lighted.

"Accept this," he continued, "from the—Master of the Golden City. It is his request—that you wear it upon your person—always." Bidding them farewell and bowing graciously, he disappeared from sight.

The Inca's three children had perfect physical bodies, due—to the instruction they had received in childhood—from the Master Saint Germain, when he came daily from the Golden City to prepare them for their life service to the people. All had most beautiful golden hair and violet blue eyes. The two sons were fully six feet three inches in height and the daughter about five feet seven. There was a great natural dignity of bearing—suggesting the Inner Dominion, which they had gained under his instruction. When the elder son ascended the throne, he was sixty-eight years old, yet looked not more than twenty-five. Even at the time they left the earth—none looked more than that age. The new king reigned forty-seven years, living to the age of one hundred fifteen. The daughter lived to be one hundred thirteen and the younger son one hundred eleven.

p. 160

The Incan people of that period were all dark eyed and dark haired—with skins like the American Indian. Those, who incarnated as the mass of the Incan people, were not souls of previous advanced knowledge, as was the case in some of the former civilizations such as Egypt, Atlantis, and the Sahara Desert. For this reason—the Great Host of Ascended Masters—who direct the evolution of humanity on this earth, placed the Incan ruler, his children, and the rest of the fourteen from the Golden City in charge of the government and its people—to establish the pattern—upon which the later activities were to be molded. They designed a form of government and a plan of development which—if adhered to—would have enabled the entire civilization to reach a great height of outer accomplishment—and at the same time—receive tremendous Inner Illumination.

As the time drew near to select a ruler from among the Incas themselves, to succeed the king and his assistants, great care was taken to choose those whose—Inner Growth was most advanced. Fourteen were found to take the places of those from the Golden City. The Beautiful Being had made herself visible to the king—every day—for forty-seven years, giving advice, and assistance through Her Radiation that wisdom and strength might be the directing power of the people.

The successors to the king and the fourteen from

p. 161

the Golden City were called into the presence of the much loved and wise ruler, and-the Beautiful Being—who had been invisible—made herself visible to all. The "Light" about her grew very bright—and she addressed them saying:

"For over ninety years—the Great Ascended Masters of Light—have taught, enlightened, blessed, and prospered the people and this empire. The example is before you. If you follow it, all will continue to prosper and bless your land. If you do not keep the Love for the One Supreme God Self—first—in your hearts and acknowledge him—always—as the Ruler of the empire and its inhabitants, decay will set in, and the glorious perfection, enjoyed for over a century, will be forgotten. I commend you to the care of the Great Supreme 'Presence' in all. May he ever protect, direct, and enlighten you."

Here—a visible proof of the existence of the—Inner God-Self—of each human being was revealed—to those who were to guide the destiny of the empire—during the succeeding years. This same example—will again be given—to the present people of America.

Then—in the presence of the new ruler and his associates—the king and the fourteen from the Golden City—stepped out of their bodies—and revealed—the Divine Self of each—visible—to all assembled. In a few moments the physical bodies disappeared—dissolving in ambient air.

p. 162

"Thus," explained Saint Germain, "is revealed to you the record of another life, the blessing and achievement which results from—loving acceptance—of the Supreme 'Presence' of the One God-Self Within. Let us now go back to the Royal Teton."

We returned to the entrance and passed forward to the audience chamber. There—on its walls—were the portraits done on gold—transferred from the ancient temple of Mitla. We went on to the record room, and saw the records carried by the Beautiful Glistening Beings. Other things too had been brought—which I have not permission—to reveal.

As these experiences ended, I realized at least partially, something of what Real Love is, for no one can possibly explain the—intense feeling of love and gratitude—one has for the—Ascended Masters—after being permitted the experiences I had passed through since—first meeting Saint Germain. It can never be put in words. There is only one overwhelming desire in Life—after such contact—and that is to "BE" what they are.

Then, one comes to realize what Jesus meant by the Father's House, and where the home of the Soul—really is. Once he has really—even for the fraction of a second—experienced the Ecstatic Bliss Radiating from an Ascended Being—there is nothing in human experience he would not endure or sacrifice—in order to reach that height of attainment—and work for

p. 163

in order to express such Dominion and Love also.

One—Really knows—such Perfection—is—for all of God's children and is as—Real—as Reality can be. Even the happiest life lived—by the average human being—is certainly the husks of existence, compared to the—Ascended State—of these Great Ones. The most beautiful and, so called perfect, creation of human beings with all their boasted power and accomplishment is coarse and crude, compared to the Freedom, Beauty, Glory and Perfection that is the—daily—continual—experience—of every one—who has raised the body—as Jesus did.

I was almost overwhelmed by a feeling of gratitude and love to Saint Germain, as it came time to return to my body. He realized how I felt and understood my position.

"My son," he said, "you cannot receive what has not been earned. You deserve this and much more—which will become evident—as we advance. Remember, however, what seems mysterious—only appears so—because it is unexplained. When understood, all unusual occurrences will be found—natural—and according to—Law. The following Truth shall remain engraved on your memory forever. It is this:

"Every one of God's children who will—acknowledge and accept—the 'Presence' of the—One Mighty God—anchored Within his heart and brain—and feel that Truth deeply—many times a day, realizing and

p. 164

knowing God fills his mind and body—so full of—'Light'—there is no room for anything else—he can be free. The One All-Powerful 'Presence' is the Mighty Harmonious Activity of one's Life and affairs, and if his attention be fixed firmly—with determination—on this Eternal Truth—no height of attainment is—too great—for him to reach.

"There is but—One Source and Principle of Life—to which we should give our undivided attention—that is the—God Self—Within—every—individual. To the Great Harmonious Self—the personal self should give—conscious recognition at all times—and keep in constant Inner Communion with It—no matter what the outer activity of the mind is.

"This One Great Self is the Life-Energy flowing through every human body each moment—by Which—all—are enabled to move about in the world of form. It is the Wisdom flowing through the mind—the Will directing all constructive activities—the Courage and Strength sustaining every one—the Feeling of Divine Love with Which—all force—can be qualified as it flows through the individual—and the Only Power—that can ever accomplish any good thing. It is the—All-Victorious, Conscious Dominion—over every condition of human activity, when released through the personal self—without resistance or interruption.

"This Mighty God Self is Within you, is the

p. 165

[paragraph continues] Supreme Ruler of all creation, and the only Dependable, Permanent and Eternal Source of Help in existence. Only through—Its—Love, Wisdom, and Power can anyone ever rise into the Ascended Mastery—for constant—conscious—communion—with It—is Freedom—and Dominion over all human creation. When I say human creation—I mean all that is discordant and less than Perfect."

We returned to my body, and as soon as I had reentered it, Saint Germain took my hands and poured a stream of his Divine Energy through me to sustain and give strength. I instantly felt revivified in both mind and body. I sat down, fixed my attention with deep intensity upon my own God "Presence," and offered up a prayer of gratitude for the tremendous blessings I had been privileged to receive. He bowed graciously and disappeared.

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